College? There Has Got to Be a Better Way


Today. We're talking college. And i'm going to talk a little quieter today because well. I'm doing this early in the morning. Because i didn't get it done in time so this is one of those times it. I'm trying to adjust in. Or i can't be it's loud and obnoxious. Maybe as i usually am but today we want to explore is the option of paying for college. Now if you've listened to the company of one you know that what we do here. Is we try to help you. Look at yourself as a company a company of one because you're earning money in exchange for providing service. That's the economy that we live in and the earning money in exchange for service is the definition of business so every one of us were company. I was having a conversation yesterday with a potential client. And i was explaining to him. What you're doing is basically as a consultant inside of a large organization so you're consulting operation so when you start looking at yourself that way you start examining how you spend money you start examining the things that you are doing to move the needle i what. What is it that matters in so this issue of college comes up now transparency. If you don't know me. I t to a faculty member of electrical engineering faculty member at a major university. And i run an executive graduate program so i bring in professional people probably like yourselves and we do We help you. Move to the the needle to the next point so while i so i don't want to be in hip regret so if you're sitting here saying we're talking about college but you've got skin in the game. So yes i do. So but i do want to step back. This is the conversation. I often have inside the university with the college administrators at the people who are deans program chairs In try to understand what is it that we and i mean we as the public. What do we value. What do we want from the university. And so i'm going to take this apart from a parent's point of view from a parent. Who's about to send their children to college or the thinking through this because the the conversation that i'm often finding myself in is college. There's got to be a better way. I mean this what parents say to me and yet what are they going to do. They're going to do the same thing that all the rest of us do. They're going to just pay the bill. They're going to send kids to college. And to put this in context Many of us don't know you know we're thinking our kids can get these full tuition scholarships and things but the way colleges are working right now. Parents are basically paying seventeen thousand dollars a year. Give or take out of pocket when everything is paid for if everything isn't paid for then Well it gets worse so it can cost a lot of money even when your kids get great scholarships the colleges this money pit and it used to offer things right used to offer these great opportunities and we can argue that chosen. Will it still offers those Pub we also can look around and realized it doesn't always work for everyone so there's got to be a better way so let's just kind of dive in and think about. What are some of the things that when you go to college. What are some of the issues that we know of massive debt. Now every day in the wall street journal new york times or any other publication. Somebody is writing about the questioning college in the wall street journal just the other day. I'll try to put to link to the show notes. By the way the show notes her. Del kellyanne dot com slash two zero two episode. Two hundred two. Don't callahan dot com slash two hundred two. But every time they were talking about this in this article in the wall street journal was one of those. They're talking mostly about debt. And the article in the wall street journal had some lady that was a psychologist she had a phd gone through To get a phd in psychology making eighty ninety thousand dollars a year a great salary and but she had hundreds of thousands of dollars a debt. Her husband Had a labor job was making about the same amount in had zero debt. And

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