The Worst Kind of Famine (Amos 8:11-12)


Amos chapter eight verses eleven twelve behold the days are coming declares the lord. God when i will send a famine on the land not a famine of bread nor thirst for water but of hearing the word of the lord they shall from sea to sea and from north to east they run to and fro to seek the word of the lord but they shall not find it. Wow what a sobering to verses of scripture for god to say to his people i'm gonna send a famine that is worse than not having food that is worse than not having water. Not a fan of brad north thirst for water. I'm going to send a famine of hearing the words of the lord people will run to and fro from cdc from north to east seeking the word of the lord. But they shall not find. That is the ultimate picture of god's judgment for god to be silent for god to not speak his people like even just think about that. We're reading god's word this revelation of who he is that we have this gift. We have sixty six books in the bible. That are the revealed word of god. You and i have that. We get to hear from god that god speaks to us by his spirit through it were it. Not for god's word we would be totally lost. We would be totally in the dark. Especially as sinners deserving of god's wrath. We would be totally hopeless. If we didn't have the word of god. Just think about this world with all of its evil and wickedness and injustice and no word from god about who he is. How know him about hope that we have as we look to the future. We would be hopeless. Lost completely without god's word and yet even as i say that i can think about these unreached people that we pray for continuing on this podcast like the demari ramani in iran. One point four million of them and you know what they don't have to makes them unreached that don't have the word of god they don't have hope it's found and god's word they don't have the revelation of who he is and what he's done to save us from our sins so we can know him and walk with him and hear from an experienced relationship with and they don't have that because nobody's taking it tooth and they've had somebody go to the demari ramani people. Nobody's gone there and share the word of god with him. Oh god we raise you for your word. We praise you for the gift that it is to us. We love your word. We forgive us for any ways we might be in our lives as those reprint on this podcast neglecting. Your word right. Now gunnery pray that we would meditate on your word day and neither in memorize soaking in that we would read it and studied and digested and then do it. Obey it live. According to god thank you thank you. Thank you for not leaving us in a famine without your word. Thank you to run around seeking your word and not be able to find it. Thank you that we have access to it and we have your word in front of us anytime we can download or we can look at it anytime. We can read it anytime. Thank you for your word. In our language battery pray for the demari romani. People who don't have your word. Nobody's proclaimed it to them. Nobody's taken it to them. So many people among the romani who've never registered never heard your word god referring to you're gonna referring for the thousands of languages where your is either still being translated or is not even started being translated yet. God we pray he would change that cause your church rise up and give our resources to translate the bible into every language in the world so that every single person every single nation has your word got pray for the success of bible translation gallery. Pray that you would use our lives. Even even today you would move many of us to give toward bible translation to see your word spread among all the people of the world. We love your word. God we praise you for your word. We pray the uses to spread your word to people right around us people far from us to every person people group in the world and they would have access to your word knowing that we are totally lost without it in jesus name we pray amen.

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