WoW Shadow Lands Trailer Released


Just. I watched the world of warcraft shadowlands trailer today as always blizzard pretty much. The only thing they can do correct these days and they do it better than anybody. Are these freaking trailers man. Holy shit they look good. Enough have no interest in the game at all. Tell me about They're really good. They're number twenty. We've talked about this before their animation and storytelling team has always been incredible But yeah shadowlands is scheduled to come out in about a week. And they've patched in they did a pre patch. I want to say about a month ago to the original game Or the current retail-version where they changed they re scaled the entire game. So max level is fifty instead of one hundred twenty. I think it was before. So they redesigned. They redesigned leveling or does basically the systems. They did system System at its. They didn't like build a new world or whatever And the games coming on november twenty. Third it's pretty I wanna say people have higher expectations for this than they did. For previous games or the previous expansion at least The knitted for battle for us. Ross so We'll see if blizzard delivers if they've learned and improved on systems from the last expansion. I think as far as wild goes the thing that the from from my limited perspective on what the community thinks in that game. I'm more of a classic guy right but my understanding of it is that people's primary problems with the recent world of warcraft has been poorly implemented systems. It's not about world design. It's not been about quests it's been about you get to endgame. What rewards are there. How do you obtain them. And how actually rewarding does it feel to play like that Where some people have said that the systems are just haven't been good in this last expansion so based on what i've heard from blizzard. Qna's and their interaction with community. They've taken it to heart and they've redesigned systems so now we'll see how good it actually is.

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