Secret Service So Sick, Renner-sance Continues 11.16.20


A k at o'brien yom Courtesy of i don't know miles told me about a while. We lost track of it in the discord. Hit me up on twitter. Let me know who came up with that. One and i'll tell jack Hey i'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host mr my own and she gets inside the y ou stinky port authorities stole ring ring ring dot liquid out into the glass. Oh you can show your with all the fascist bullshit. I'm talking now. take your tiny hand. Chalk on you. If you'd like that you can go back to your country so me. Okay thank you. I mean that's awesome else. That's some else yeah. The opus interesting snarls barkley. There's the of the famous version on youtube called. Tease me were filipino. Beauty contestant is singing it but her tagalog accent creates a lot of new words and in the last liner says. Make the The what are the firefly's dance. Sober moon is sparkling. She says make depar- flashdance sylvie moose is barkley and i was offered parts of shot up to snarls barkley shut up to them We are thrilled to be joined in our third seat by the brilliant talented arielle dome raw o. Hey the new things are good. I'm kinda sad that i don't have any kind of theme music prepared for you. Guys i also am a little bit mad that i had to listen to that now. That was kind of painful miles. Especially for that. You're more than welcome. This is what the listeners are. Show themselves through on the daily yari. They are yeah. Yeah and they indulge us. It's like it's an awful cycle where it's these. Aka's you're burn. Burn yourself up. With this. Ak very nice. Very nice are l. Where are you coming to us from. I'm currently sitting in my brooklyn apartment. Okay yeah you know in my closet specifically if we want to be like hyper-specific s closet. I mean it's sound treated. It's very isos right. I try to have some moving blankets over here. I have some slowly panels on the other side. Got you know. Some a lamp can finally see what the heck i'm doing. I'm recording. it's good yeah you love to sit you love to see you do kinda love to see. What's the weather like in brooklyn right now. Kind of cold ish. Kinda rainy yeah okay. Let's like it felt like last weekend like it was warmer last weekend. Yeah and la. 'cause i was like okay here we go. It's sixty eight degrees. Bring out the beanies and down jackets. And then like everyone new york was like. It's party. time flip flops. Where are you talking about Yeah opening up the Fire hydrants the whole totally totally. That's exactly what happened last week. All right we are going to get to know you a little bit better in a moment. First we're going to tell our listeners. A few of the things we're talking about we're going gonna talk about the continued Spiking covert The spread both outside of this administration and inside the administration among corey lewandowski. One hundred and thirty secret service agents Quarantine right now. We'll talk about that. We can talk about paul. We're going to talk about trump asking about using you know we. We only know what he's planning because he starts asking questions about it because he doesn't really know how still this election exactly So we asked about the you know a thing that people have been scared about for awhile the that he would convince republican state legislatures to send competing electors But we'll we'll talk about why we're not pissing our bed quite yet on that front to make reference back to miles. Ak we will talk about the first woman. And i imagine american gm of a pro sports team We're gonna talk about how it's never too early for the biden administration to start fucking up. we'll talk about disney will talk miles. We'll review some netflix shows I will talk about some new offerings from the renaissance That i i don't know he's been. He's been dropping music while we weren't looking and he. I think he must be doing this on purpose. Because he is locking down such a specific aesthetic of just like cheesiness And bad lyricism. That lyric writing that. I just can't even express renters on playing forty s. Right now yeah. I think he's planning but i area. We like to ask our guests. What is something from your search history. That's revealing about who you are so two things have been in my search history quite a bit this week. I've repeatedly searched for for two specific things. One of them is is just random pictures of animal poop. There's a this

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