How to stage a Zoom Thanksgiving

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Everyone jefferson graham. Here talking tech. If you're like me you're probably going to be doing a virtual thanksgiving Travel plans or a little odd right now during this kobe era. And we're gonna be spending even more time looking at a video screen instead of seeing people in person but that's okay. I'm here to make it a little easier for you in a talk about how to set up your tech what you'll need. Think about zoom. Think about laptops phones tablets. Think about tv. Think about a dedicated video display device. Which is my number one recommendation love or hate facebook but you can't get over the fact that the portal is hands down the best video calling device on the market and nowhere. Would it be more useful than the thanksgiving table. It's a dedicated unit. You do nothing but video chat on it and it's got the best camera it follows you around So that you could have like four people at the table as each person speaks to camera would then zoom in on that person. It's pretty amazing technology. The a portal. Get the small one. Get the eight inch. Cost one hundred and twenty nine dollars. I checked on the facebook website today. They have plenty of units. And if you order now you could have it by this weekend. The tenants version one hundred. Seventy nine dollars. The fifteen inch is two hundred and seventy nine in the great thing about the portal. It works with either facebook messenger or zoom which happens to be the world's most popular video meeting service. Google has its own video. Display unit called the nest hub. Max similar camera. It works with google meet which is not as popular as zoom and amazon's echo show can either connect other echo show devices or any phone or tablet with alexa app. So you guys could see your guests on their phones. Ba fine tablets. I think those are good. Nice big screens. Just make sure to get something to hold a tablet stand. Because you don't wanna put greasy hands all over that shiny ipad ditto for the smartphone. Same tablet stands should be able to hold your smartphone in place. If you don't wanna get the tablets stand. Get inexpensive table top tripod for twenty dollars or so. The laptop is probably what most people are going to be using Stick it at the head of the table and just sort of moving around as the dinner continues. Most important tip is to keep an eye level because usually the webcam is looking up your nose. Making your double chin. Looked like a quadruple chin. Put your device atop a bunch of books and remember to look at the camera not at the screen. You're you're making eye contact with the camera. Otherwise you're looking down. Hey what about using the tv. I've got a tip for you. They're apple has really cool feature called airplay. Which lets you beam images video and the like from iphones ipads and mac computers to other devices. If you can connect your apple tv setup box to your tv via airplay you can bring zoom to the really big screen. Additionally several tv manufacturers also have new sets that work with airplay as well including samsung. Lg sony video. Finally don't forget about the lighting if you're gonna go really dark and light candles. Nobody's going to be able to see so turn on the lights. Get out some extra lamps in have fun meeting online.

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