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First Up, we have two correspondents from comedy central's the daily show with Trevor Noah. They are taking a break from election coverage to come play some games. We have first time guest Michael Kosta who used to be a professional tennis player and Return Guest Ronnie Chang. WHO's currently it Australia Michael Roddy. Welcome to ask me another. Five. Thanks for having. US Surani you are in the future right with the time zone. Australia. Is there anything you need to tell US Ronnie? Yeah just wear mask. For the future of. where? Are you up anyway because of time are you adjusted the time or did you stay up late? Anyway I actually did wake up I was like God you went to sleep woke up again Yeah. No, it's okay. It's. Like I said, my whole thing is I don't even know what I'm just. I'm awake win someone emails me to be awake. All of Ronnie's email subjects are be awake now. So Michael I. Know this is very timely I know to say you used to be a tennis player is it understatement? You were you were a professional tennis player you've written a book about it. You have a podcast called tennis anyone what did you think about the US Open this year I have been completely astonished and proud That tennis has figured out a way to still hold its most major tournaments. I mean they US Open. Was Amazing. You watched world class tennis with zero fans. Yes. which by the way as someone goes to the US Open A lot I love. No fans because New, York fans are the worst. On their phone, they're all. So you it was I was very impressed. I thought I thought tennis has done a great job with it. Do you think some of the pro players were affected by not having the crowd? Yeah I. Mean it definitely helps the underdog. Yeah. Serena Williams is used to playing in front of Twenty, two thousand people. I was used to playing in front of one person two people so. When you're at the low low low and I never even in a tournament like the US Open. But you know you're more comfortable when there's not a lot of people around. So I thought it helped the underdog, but is there a better sport for social distancing then tennis seventy six feet away? Okay we have a couple of great games for you. Yes. Doing let's do it I'd love to play. Okay. So this is a true or false quiz about video games I know speaks to Ronnie's expertise because the last time you on the show we played into the fact that you like rebuilding intendo positions. All right. I mean I'm not even a video game Guy Competitive Michael. Yeah I was GONNA be the guy who invented Nintendo yeah. Okay. So what we're GONNA do is we're gonNA describe something you can do in a famous video game and you just have to tell us if it's true or something we made up running. The first one is for you great in the winter series, you play a superhuman monster slayer named Garrelt and after eight night out on the town, you can even get a regrettable drunk tattoo true or false while. I I know this game actually. Henry Cavill is the actor who plays this guy in the TV. Series of this, I think they were trying to do like. Game of thrones before video games or something that's the tone I'm going to get. So smoked in this game are you? Strap Extra Trivia. Yeah I can't play any of these games. I just know a lot of enough about them. I think and I'm going to go with true. That is correct. All right Michael. This one is for you in the long awaited Gritty Zombie game the last of US part too. You can pull out your trusty Qatar and strum a dorm room cover of wonderwall. I don't believe that. The video game companies would pay the royalties for wonderwall over and over and over again, and because I'm first time get on here I. Think you're GonNa give me a simple one right out of the gay. I'm going with. False your reasoning is incredibly sound. However it is. Actually it is actually. Lie here's the here's the tricky part is that you can choose between six chords. So don't actually license the song. You just have the cords all and wonderwall as one of the many songs you can play. Hasn't figured out how to license the cords. I try I try to patent C. Minor, but they wouldn't let me do it. Ronnie in two thousand and twenty trendiest game animal crossing. New Horizons you can make a Faustian bargain for your soul with a blue goat named Sherp actually over the pandemic I, was hanging out with someone who was playing a ton of animal crossing. So again, a game which I never played myself but in all my time talking my friend talking at me about animal crossing. Anything a gold or making a bargain with the devil in the game. So I'M GONNA go with false on that one at is correct. I Love I. Love. You were just sort of absorbing all of this information about video games even though you're not playing these. You're up on the news now I was talking to. Michael this. Is the last question in the charming farm simulator Star Valley Watch the seasons change and date various residents of your tiny town. But if you're not careful, you can also violate the Geneva Convention on at least two separate counts. Should you be able to simulate dating and a video game? Anyway. I know any of the stipulations of the Geneva Convention? Ask. This question. I I you're working it out you're. Talking I love this I. Love this. Thinking today's Day. It's probably best if you don't on aren't able to date within a video game, I'm saying false to your B s comment Jonathan. Lab. Sorry.

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