Giuliani peddles election conspiracy theories and falsehoods.

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Georgia audit now. Complete the hand count of nearly five million votes reaffirming biden the winner. The first democratic presidential candidate to win the state in nearly thirty years. There was news today about michigan as well where the president lost by about one hundred and forty eight thousand votes. we've now learned. The president has called hit called republican officials in wayne county home to detroit and michigan an eleventh-hour attempt to invalidate votes president trump calling on state. Republicans sleep tonight on your side. History will be on your side. You're conscious side and more knows when you go to meet your maker. Your soul is going to be very very war that along with legal challenges playing out in several states and a public campaign. Alleging voter fraud without evidence here to break it down for us. Chief white house correspondent. Jonathan karl jonathan. It is hard to know where to begin with all of the legal challenges that seem to spin each day. Let's backtrack just a little bit in michigan. With the on again off again certification of votes by canvassers in wayne county and the president reaching out to state leaders. Where does all the stand well You know the the these two republican members of the canvassing board had. I said that they were not going to certify the election and they said they agreed to certify it and then we we learned that the president called them directly. You imagine that you are a local local official on a canvassing board In wayne county michigan and your phone rings and it's donald trump the president of the united states. So it's quite a bit of you know it's quite a bit of leverage with president has and he talked to them but the bottom line is they have certified. It's hard to see out. There are no kind of take back. So we accept the wayne county certification just as we accepted every one of our eighty three counties certification as it was properly made in public vote in public meeting And now moving forward and calling on the board of state canvassers to do the same now. The president is also going to be reaching out in meeting with the republican leaders of the state legislature in In michigan Bringing them to the white house for a meeting and this as his legal team is suggesting that maybe the direction they want to go is to go directly to state legislatures to essentially overrule. How their states voted And to send their own electors to the electoral college. American democracy cracked last night. But it didn't break michelle. I gotta say it's it's a it's a crazy idea. It's basically it's talk of nullifying in election. And i and i should point out that even though these republican leaders From michigan or to meet with the president They have both been on record saying that. That is not the way. It works in michigan state. Legislature doesn't simply you know. Look the other way and not do something on its own in the face of what happened On election day but yet here we are and in terms of all of this is any of its seen as any type of interference. We've got a president a sitting president as well as a candidate in an election. Making phone calls as well as meeting with people that are involved directly with the election. Well there's a lot of strange activity is ranging a lot of questions and we also had a One of i think probably the most bizarre press conference. I've ever seen tied to a president. Good afternoon and thank you. Very much for coming guiliani. And the president's legal team held a press conference at the republican national committee headquarters in washington that you know. Frankly i i. I really don't know how to describe it as the except to say it was unhinged and what emerged very quickly is because it's not a singular voter fraud in one state. This pattern repeats itself in a number. Isn't there was vast conspiracy talk. President trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it and there was a conspiracy that included a the clinton foundation. That could have been mickey mouse. That could have been a dead person even a mention of hugo chavez who died i don't know i think about seven years ago. These people were further away than my cousin. Vinny was from witnessed. They couldn't see a thing. It would vary very strange. Strange press conference the real thing you need to know though. Is that the legal cases that have been brought by the by. The trump team are going nowhere. They have lost over and over again and they've been forced to withdraw lawsuits while there quickly running out of time on this and so with where we're at with this giuliani and his briefing in the president. Set to meet with people today from those canvassers in that area where republicans at what's the endgame. Republicans for the most part are saying that the president should be allowed to pursue his legal challenges. A as far as they may go to be proof but they're also not for the most part repeating these crazy allegations and privately. They're saying that they know the president's laws have you seen that. I haven't seen proof yet. How many lives do you think are at risk here if this transition remained stalled. Well look. We've you've heard the projections projections. Are that if nothing fundamentally changes between now and beginning february we're like to lose up to four hundred total of four hundred thousand lives and other one hundred fifty thousand lives but of course we're in the middle of the national health crisis we're in the middle of a pandemic and the world doesn't stop. Stir president-elect what do you think the president is doing. What are americans witnessing here. We choose my words think. They're witnessing an incredible irresponsibility credibly damaging messages being sent to the rest of the world about how democracy functions. And i think it is and because of the president's refusal to acknowledge What happened in the election. Well i don't know his motive. But i just think it's totally irresponsible. The team of president elect now biden is not getting the briefings. They're not coordinating with the warp speed team on the vaccine. All all the things that are going to have to be carried out by the biden administration They've been stonewalled by by the president's refusal to accept the election

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