Why Having a Business Mentor is Essential to Success


Today. I have two guests. My guests are kevin harrington and mark tim as an original shark on the hit. Tv show shark tank. The creator of the infomercial. Pioneer of the as seen on tv and co founding board member of the entrepreneurs organization. Kevin harrington has pushed past all the questions and excuses to repeatedly enjoy a hundred times success his legendary work behind the scenes of business ventures has produced well over five billion dollars global sales launch of more than five hundred products. And the making of dozens of millionare's twenty of his companies have each top two hundred million dollars in revenue. Martyrdom has been a serial entrepreneur an exponential thinking practitioner for almost three decades. He started more than a dozen companies. Several of which have multiplied imminent sold. They are the co authors of the great book mentor to millions. Thanks so much for joining me today. guys be here. Thank you a great to be here. Awesome so mark. I am going to start with you and ask you to share selvi. Would you think are important lessons that you learned from heaven in your mentor mentor relationship. Well kevin Kevin was kind of the dream. Mentor for me. You know he was he. He became my guide in my own. Entrepreneurial endeavors i had had a successful business multiple businesses. But i kept topping out at a certain level and when i looked at kevin as a shark you know i'm like he's taken over. Twenty businesses dobra hundred million dollars. He could really help me to scale and so to be candid. I had to give the best pitch. This guy's heard over fifty thousand pitches. And so i went to kevin and said hey look i know your time is valuable. I know that You've got a lot of wisdom you could share for me so if you would be my mentor. I'm gonna make this easy for you. And i'm going to become your student. And that was a pitch that he hadn't heard before thankfully and he said yes and so he became my guide in my entrepreneurial pursuits. I learned you know. Probably the two biggest things i learned was about following the eyeballs. He calls a aggressive curiosity at the short hand for that is follow the eyeballs. Where are people looking. The chances of success in business and scaling is if your business in the path of where people are looking in. So i started putting more my efforts behind commerce because as you can tell right now. We're shopping from home. That's herat and so it was perfect. Timing for me to invest in that category. Because wow my business this year. I can tell you that i'm actually on my way to my first one hundred million dollar business because of my mentorship with kevin and then he also taught me a concept about the dream team and the dream team. Here's here's the mistake. I was making and by the way so is ninety. Nine point nine percent of everybody in their business. I had this crazy notion that i was hiring people i could afford and you know. And that sounds so intuitive. And that's what we normally do. When we're growing our business. But kevin has this concept called the dream team where he told me i would rather have ten percent of the time of a cfo that could take me a hundred million dollars than one hundred ten percent of the time of a cfo. That wouldn't get passed a million and that's the concept of who you can afford often caps you out and taps you out versus putting a dream team in place sometimes which you don't even have to pay them if you incentivize them the right way but if you put a dream team in place that can take you where you need to go than likely. You're going to get there. And so i would say aggressive curiosity dream team to the biggest lessons i learned from kevin but most of all i took what i learned from kevin. I started applying it to home. I started treating family like the most valuable business in the world. And i found out that aggressive curiosity works at home and my ultimate jer. Green team is my family at home. And i started seeing results. That are beyond anything i could ever imagine at home. And that's when we wrote the book mentor to millions. That was one of the commitments. We made we teach all the lessons. That kevin taught me but we try to end every chapter with how you can take that lesson home to your most valuable business and bring them your best and your first instead of your last in your least oh my goodness i just love that and i have to say that i love this concept of aggressive curiosity because i am all about Well you may notice that. The end i remind people to stay curious because it is so key and i love this dream team concept i get that so many people hire who they think they can afford and they miss out on who they need to get their business where they want to go so kevin. I'm assuming that you think every business owner should have a mentor. Is that a fair assumption. Absolutely i believe let's put it this way if you're a startup entrepreneur or startup business owner. You don't know what's coming up. Kobe through a lot of wrenches in a lot of businesses for many that were some of the most successful business owners were were were. It was like pulling the rug out from under them right. This is is business life. It were were throwing curveballs every single day. A thirty years ago one day my my bank shut down my merchant account and grabbed two million dollars out of my account. And i didn't know what to do. Well i got some mentors. That helped me through that. And and because i was never a finance guy and so people have different strengths and and entrepreneurs though tend to a lot of a lot of entrepreneurs her soul entrepreneurs they take pride in being the the entrepreneur to do it themselves to be their own boss. What they don't realize is that you know when they were inside that corporation with that big structure and all those people you know there was other people that were doing the things that maybe they weren't good at and so now that they're responsible for all parts of the business. It's now time to make sure that you've got the right support team as mark and i call it the dream team to help you succeed in that and a dream team can be one or two or three or some grouping of mentors and coaches that you can bring together so i think everybody needs one

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