S2 E02: On the other side of fear

State of Mind


Clean looking people. You know pilots and on the right side of the airfield. There was a skydiving school. People with with dyed hair people with tattoos completely opposite environment but much more in connection with the outdoor and action. Sports environment is myself the question. Do i see myself as an airline pilot working for a company in no not at all so basically i went to the right side of the airfield. And that's how. I started skydiving for me. It was it. Symbolized everything it symbolized restocking. It symbolized freedom. It symbolized kind of of rebellious behavior. You know against some rules. That i i didn't really like it. Symbolizes speed engagement commitment focused and name it so old values. I was still stand for where where there we felt like aliens. We felt like You know people were looking at us like what do you mean. You're not playing soccer playing tennis. What's wrong with you. You're those crazy guys. That's accent poverty eccentrics childhood friend and world-class snowboarder. I think we just had A very different approach in different passion which is wanna fly which is why go fast. I didn't know it was going to end up skydiving after my thirst. Jump by new disease stuff. This is my thing this is. This is everything i wanna do. I think he was always in search of something to challenge him. So i think he did exactly that. He started doing something that he really liked and then started loving it. I started with skydiving base. Jumping winsome playing. And i was one of the first Back in the ninety s. I met him for the first time. I must admit i was a bit starstruck. Espen fatness espen is also professional base jumper and wings world champion character is one of those few that have been able to live professionally in the sport for. I mean a lifetime moment. He is one of the very few people that have enabled to survive. He's been doing the most dangerous. Sport can do. Basically on the planet for living for years and years and years he is not been hurt by accidents has not been struggling financially and he has been widely successful. Cedric is constantly looking for new iconic places to jump from an records to break. It was the first person ever to jump off lutheran villainous tv tower. World's highest railroad. Bridge and montenegro roy gotch bridge and cannon city colorado tower and shanghai and this is me last year Flying as you can see above the pyramids in egypt it took me six years to get the authorizations to be able to do that is it was one of my most scenic and powerful flights i ever done and i'm not sure how he was able to call that project of but he will stay very first person to fly over down in a wing suit. And there's something about the place or the pyramids and then i remember a picture of him with him. Flying wings concede the two large permits below and analysis thinking patrick. How on earth did it cooled off insane. Really electrical myself extreme match lead and i have a very hard time to describe myself but i would say that i'm adventure preneurs so i'm part. Adventure and part entrepreneur started seeing similarities between fear and extreme sports and fear in other parts of life. I think in a way if you wanna create if we want to follow path if we really want to become who we are if we wanna get to know or self and so far we can go at one point we will have to take some risks. That's what i mean with risk-taking and it's for everyone. I think there is no creation. There is no innovation whether in the business environment in an artistic environment. If you don't take risks it's not gonna happen. There is no transformation it doesn't mean a physical risk. A lot of people. Ask me do. I have to do something dangerous. Do i have to be a dare devil. No not at all but your dreams. Your epic life is on the other side of fear. If you really want to pursue your dream at one point you will have to take risk. There is no other way

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