Natalya Cappellini on Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset


I'm so excited to have you on the show. Welcome to dose of. Thanks rich chevy to be here. I'm always excited to talk with Entre preneurs in father four daughters. And i'm always trying to push this kind of entrepreneurial mindset two daughters. They haven't embraced it. Fully some have a little bit but I'm always. It's always fun to talk to two women who've kinda brandao starting to own and you said something really cool in the prerecording when we were talking a little bit about why you branched out and like you kinda tired of working in the toxic culture of the real world and you stepped on your own. So congratulations for that. Tell me a little bit about that. When was that. How long ago was that. So when we moved to california in two thousand fifteen media started working for global project management company and i it was just was working insane hours for three and a half years and things were being done that you know. Were very complicated things that were being done that were a bit shady. And and i. I wasn't on board and i thought you know all this stress stemming from these things that it doesn't have to be this way while it can just be simpler. You know you just you just pay people on time if you just A treat people fairly you know and and manage your expectations and have trust back and forth. It doesn't have to be so hard you know my industry construction. I thought could be very very simple. And so that's what i did when i went out on my own in two thousand eighteen and started gerardo design build throughout design and It has been easy it has been you know a really straightforward and i have a great group of subcontractors. Have a great group that works for me works with me vendors. Suppliers clients amazing clients. And it's been it's been great And i did realize that there is an easy way to do it. And it's a it's just be fair and be a good person and the work will come and everybody will be happy. I love that. I mean it. You know. I love how you said that it was easy. I'm glad that the leap seemed easy for you. I mean i mean a lot of people when they have they feel that frustration of working in a toxic environment where they feel a calling may be or that. I know i could do this better than i've had numerous entrepreneurs that i've talked to said that i i knew i can do this better. I love that that's a catalyst to get somebody to take the leap but gosh dang for everyone. That takes a leap. There's probably four or five that get stuck and they don't take it. Was it easy for you to leap off that clip not knowing the parachutes gonna open. Yeah i mean for me. It was like well. I'm tied to the salary that i'm getting right. Like twice a month and a steady paycheck. But i'm also working like eighty to ninety hours a week sold airlie sleeping up at three. Am every morning flying back and forth from northern california to southern california on sunday nights like sleeping at the office. I mean it was just stupid and you're all for for my life to be difficult bill because you know you think you work that much in like you've got control of everything but things are being done at the company outside of my realm and making my job harder. It's like working hard and everything's harder. Why does it have to be like this. And so for me. The catalyst was you know if i jump in if jump ship so to speak and start the semi on the worst thing that can possibly happen is you know. I can't hack it. And i go get a job somewhere. I could be a great senior project manager site superintendent project executive. I work for startup space. Those were my options. Were like well. If i if i fail at this i just go get a job. Like that was my. That was mike. Mike and i'll be still in the same position i am now. Just maybe at a way better firm with more happening. So

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