A look at what’s next for the Knicks after the 2020 NBA Draft


Former head of basketball or whatever at ca His son sam represents ob top. And at ca leon is out here money laundering and the new york it is. It is in broad daylight in front of us and nobody's saying anything. It's right in front of your face you don't to be you don't have to work in finance or not. Even money. Laundering is to know that. Ca eric paschal and karl anthony towns in that. Listen i just keep an eye. You need to see a names. I know you know the names. There's there's some guys out there jalen brunson there. There's jim well. That's a lien. Rose family connection. So he's coming soon. I bet But just something's fishy in in the makah congrats on. Ob congrats on quickly. The shooter from kentucky our kentucky scraps but I've got my eye on the garden. All right let's round out the lottery. Deady shutout israel cheer locker room. Podcast chat cheers to that. He goes nine sticks. He's a male and guide. Jalen smith goes tens of sons devin vessel great. So i don't know a lotta guys. I'll be straight on like this the draft where. I didn't know a lot of people but who did the sun stick stick's jalen smith. He's great great goggles. Gray goggles yeah. That's what i got. And then it's the first

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