Two Friends (MM #3529)

The Mason Minute


The with kevin mason rolling through facebook did morning when it came upon. The horrible news had lost. A friend actually had lost two friends one of my former co workers and friends. Tko grady. i worked with an akron had passed away. It was unexpected. He didn't show up for a get together with friends on sunday when they went to check on them they found him unresponsive and he can. I worked together. He ran the rock station. I ran the country station and his world was so much different than mine. But the one thing many people don't know is that tko. Grady was really tim. Gurley a small town boy from mexico missouri. Whose dad ran a grocery store and i knew that side of him too because he really was two different people out in the public he was. Tko grady life of the party. Love to everybody. Everybody loved him. But every now and again. We'd see. Tim girly the quiet and shy guy laid back in reserved. I've seen many tributes to tk but only a couple of tributes to tim because he didn't let that slide out very often. I'm blessed to have known that side because losing one person. I actually lost to the weird thing about radio people. Sometimes it's almost like you're a split personality to people in one.

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