Maryland Michigan State football game in College Park


Maryland Michigan State football game in College Park has been canceled due to covered 19 issues with the Maryland team. The game will not be rescheduled and head coach Michael actually has tested positive for the coronavirus Thursday night Football. It doesn't get much better than Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Against Cuyler Murray and the Cardinals to kick off week 11. This is what Prime time games were made for a matchup of two superstar quarterbacks on six and three teams competing for the same NFC West Division title. Now your exclusive Wcbm Weather Channel forecast temperatures warming up over the next couple of days, then cooling back down early next week. Lots of sunshine today 54 tomorrow's even warmer, sunny 64. A few clouds Saturday. 66 then cooling into the mid fifties. Sunday I'm meteorologist Harry Smith from the Weather Channel for talk radio. 6

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