Prince William welcomes new probe into 1995 Diana interview


Britain's prince william is breaking his silence on that new investigation into the bbc's infamous interview with diana in one thousand nine hundred ninety five investigation looking into claims. She was tricked in doing it. Abc's james longman from london tonight tonight. Prince william is breaking his silence about a new investigation into this controversial interview with his mother. Diana do you think. Mrs parker bowles was a factor in the breakdown of your marriage. Well there were three of us in this march so it was a bit crowded. Williams saying he tentatively welcomes the independent investigation into how journalist. Martin bashir persuaded the princess to speak calling it a step in the right direction and saying it should help establish the truth. It's a significant move. Lending wait too long held beliefs. In dana's family that bashir used dishonest tactics to land the interview charles. Spencer diana's brother has claimed prochet had bank statements forged trick diana into thinking royal staff. Were being paid for information on her. And the bashir said her car and funds were being tracked but she has yet to respond to the claims. The bbc saying he's too ill to comment after reportedly suffering from covid nineteen and undergoing heart surgery. The bbc cleared of any wrongdoing in nineteen ninety-six. But it says is taking this new investigation very seriously

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