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Equal housing under licence in all, 50 states in MLS number 30 30. Are we gonna have more blackouts? Turns out we shouldn't have done last time looking at the data from the past blackout, it was clear. California had plenty of power, and I just jumped the gun and blacked out California anyway. Why? Why is the so jumping the gun? What's going on here? The problem is, you can't get the real answer. If you ask the people who created and then covered up the problem to investigate themselves, and that's what the governor did. They're gonna blame everybody but themselves. Get answers weekdays at noon on KGO 10. Two things we know about Pat Thurston, scholarly and number one She likes Pat. I love that You're always honest and authentic and you speak your truth. I love it, girl. Okay, Number two. She thinks any delay communicating the severity of golden 19. It's the Republicans fault. It's obvious. All of peoples know how many professionals came forward with the truth, and the Republicans ignored them on purpose. Yes, they all chose to blindly follow. So they are the one that fault Lee Anne's favorite host, Pat Thurston, noon to three kg 08 10. You're listening to an ABC News Special vice president and the people Once again here is ABC news correspondent Karen Good evening again. This was supposed to be the night of Joe Biden's second debate with President Trump backed out after organizer said it would go virtual following the president's Corona virus diagnosis. So Biden is seated on stage in Philadelphia, taking questions from Pennsylvania voters, including a young black Progressive, who asked whether a vote for Biden is a vote for the same system that he said he feels has left him behind. ABC News political analyst Steve Roberts is with us How Biden due on the answer, Steve I think he wandered a lot. I think it was a pretty garbled dancer Joe Biden comes across is Gino and appealing in this format and as rational, all of which are Stark contrast to the president. But when he gets tied down in the minutia of programs, he can really ramble on that issue and several other issues as well. On the issue of Cove in 19. He hit the points he wanted to say Science science science, Aaron Dave Roberts will have more after this town hall, which we return to now the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. My colleague George Stephanopoulos, he shall nominate. And by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. Shall appoint judges of the Supreme Court and all other officers of the United States. From the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Here again, George Stephanopoulos and the Supreme Court is our next topic Question, or Nathan Osborne in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Democrat

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