Proposition 25: Cash Bail

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Political correspondent Marissa Lagos is covering prop twenty five for cake. And she's also the CO host of the podcast political breakdown. Welcome Russa Pale, Libya. I. Can you take us through how the cash bail bond system works in California now? Yes. To do this I am going to make you an accused Felon Olivia Allen Price Right. So you're walking down the street in San Mateo County. You, get arrested on suspicion of possession for sale of a controlled substance. This wouldn't be like you have a little wheat in your bag. This would be like maybe you got a bunch hair win or they think you do. The bill for that is going to be set at twenty five thousand dollars just by the schedule that exists in San Mateo County. So the officers would arrest you and either you would have to over twenty five grand to the county to secure release or possibly depending on how big of a drug dealer they think you are. They might make before a judge who could either lower or increase that twenty five thousand. Dollars say you don't have twenty five grand laying around I mean really who does right? You would then decide whether you're going to stay in jail until you can get a trial set or you might call a bail bonds agency and what they would do is essentially guarantee the county that they would pay that twenty five grand if you skipped out on your case. So if you didn't come back for your trial dates. In exchange for that, you would have to pay them ten percent of that amount. So twenty five, hundred dollars. If you have the twenty five grand to post your own bail, you would get that money back regardless of whether you got convicted of the crime or the charges got dropped or you. Were found to be innocent. You would just get that money the just there to make sure you show up at trial. However, if you didn't have that kind of cashing around and you had to go through a bail bond agent that twenty, five, hundred dollars that you gave them to secure your bond, you would forfeit, you would never get that money back. The whole cash bail system has been under fire for a long time for being inequitable give us an example of how that inequity plays out. Look people who have been accused of very violent crimes up to murder can sometimes post bail if they have the means but a lot of people end up languishing behind bars for really minor crimes because they just don't have the money their families don't have the money and disproportionately study after study shows these tend be black and Brown people. If you can't pay that bail amount. You can't go to work. You might lose custody of your kid by losing your work. You might not be able to pay your rent. So what critics of the system say is that it kind of perpetuates the cycle of poverty. And potentially leads more people into crime or can lead people to plead guilty to things that they did not do or that they might have a good chance of fighting because they essentially just WanNa get out of jail and get back to their lives.

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