Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight?


But this pandemic has not changed many people's eating habits for the better. In fact, over the past nine months I mean I've heard this so much. People have actually gained weight There's so much stress in many different ways with with the pandemic and people are finding that they're turning to sugar and more episodes processed foods more often. So today Leah and I will address too important reasons why you may find it difficult to lose weight. So we've talked about this I reason many many times over the past seventeen years on previous shows. But we thought we would share it again just to refresh your memory and maybe say it in a different way so that it rings true for different people this time. The a major reason why may be difficult for you to lose weight is that your body may have too much insulin floating around and that insulin too much. Insulin comes from eating too much sugar as Brittany mentioned especially over these last six to seven months or so many people are finding trying to find that comfort and that stress relief from eating those high sugar highly processed foods and that is not doing anybody's waist liner. Anybody's insulin levels. Any favors? Some people have too much insulin because they have to inject insulin into their bodies. Maybe they have type one or type two diabetes. So you can get access insulin just from those injections that you're doing. But other people have too much insulin because they of eaten too much sugar and too many of those process carbs for too long. These people they've eaten too much bread too much pasta too much pizza too much popcorn. So we pick on popcorn a lot. Too, much candy too many pastries far too many times for far too many years, and this is just not to say one ice cream cone or one bowl of popcorn is going to give you insulin resistance. Hope we really drove home that message that this is a process and it takes a long time for this to happen. Yeah. It does and you know you don't even have to be overweight to be insulin resistant so you could have. Been Insulin, resistant, many many years ago, and then it's just gotten worse over time and started to cause that weight gain i. think that's a really interesting point. Britney is usually when we think about too much insulin too much sugar and the show is about difficulty losing weight but not everybody who has insulin resistance has a weight problem. Necessarily, you can still have that biochemical imbalance and still be within say a normal healthy body weight range. So. Here's some just a couple of interesting facts about the hormone insulin though insulin's job is to take sugar or glucose that we get from the foods in our. When we eat that we get from our foods and then it's supposed to escort that sugar into the cells in our body. But when you have too much sugar floating around, you're going to produce a lot of insulin probably overproduce that insulin and when your liver and your muscles in your brain have kind. Of the saturated, they have enough of that sugar will then that insulin's gotta put that extra sugar somewhere it's GonNa put it into your fat cells and your fat cells are going to grow and your tummy gets bigger. Thighs fill out and your face gets round I. Mean you get the picture everything kind of expands? Yeah. So on that note, we do need to go to our first break and you're listening to dishing up nutrition brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness. have. You ever been told by a health professional just to lose the weight and it will reduce your cholesterol. And that is a message that would think anyone would think that that extra weight is the cause of that health problem whether it's cholesterol or diabetes or Alzheimer's or heart disease. But the fact of the matter is that extra weight is only another one of those health symptoms not the cause. So it's it's quite often that excess sugar in those process carbs that are really at that root cause but it could also be a lack of sleep or ongoing stress or potentially from a medication. And nutritional weight and wellness. We believe that in order to lose weight, we need to I, get your body healthy, and then your body will start to let go of some of that extra weight that it's been hanging onto and Brittany, and I will share some strategies for getting healthy before and after the brakes. So we'll

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