Episode 16: Jessie Cave


I'm safely on the specs. Sta and welcome to spinning plates. The podcast where. I speak too busy working women who also happen to be mothers about how they make it work. I'm a singer. I live released seven albums in between having my five sons aged sixty months to sixteen years. So i spent a few plates myself. Being a mother can be the most amazing thing. It can also be hard to find time for yourself and your own ambitions. I wanted to be a bit nosey and see other people balanced everything. Welcome spinning plates looking lovely today. How you you're right do some pretty upbeat. It's because of this beautiful sunshine. That's coming in through the window it sunday afternoon on this gorgeous out there. I'm going to take the kids out in a minute really sparkling day. I love autumn days like this sunshine is actually really good. It's actually pretty hot It's going to force me to go outside. Which is a good thing. I spent all yesterday. Indoors had very lazy weekend following at two weeks quite intense promotion for my new album. Which could songs from the kitchen. Disguised says a thing close to my heart as it was inspired by the kitchen disc that we had around here but must confess. It's mixed bag during promotion when you're basically home all the time because on the one hand it's much more convenient but on the other it stops the things you're doing having that much space so you end up cramming in amongst still trying to get on with stuff at home so yeah i think i found it pretty tiring but i'm also very relieved because they did well and i could feel my shoulders drop a couple of inches on friday when we finally had a chart position and everybody is. He's been part of their release was a relaxed and happy and celebrating rather than asking me to do. Most of that's good and big to my management derek. Severe who've worked really hard because it's actually quite a small operation that gets behind me when albums out because been bringing them out my own label for the last. Oh i think it's four releases now as exciting I've just realized that. While i'm thanking management that the chances of derek hearing that thank you need i need i do not think derek hasn't listened to any of my focus that's fine. He's probably not my target. Demographic you're talking about A young family and being someone who feels that you call on the guy with family and work as his children are grown up really. But also i don i. Maybe i'm underestimating him. Maybe derek has been a keen listener. And he's just kept sick. What's so derek. If you are listening wasn't you common foamy. I will buy you anything you want of amazon wishlist or you know an extra special christmas present you earn. You have to say that you heard this message. And i will just ramp up. Whatever is. I'm gonna get you for christmas purely by you just acknowledging you lesson what do you think the chances are pretty tiny tiny anyway. This week's guest lovely. Jessie cave who two things one. She's probably the person who lives from all the closest to me. She's newburgh two minute. Walk from me and the author. The only other persons can see where she's Been pregnant at the time of according not the only other there is no other. She is the only person break into or she'd been having a baby and she very much was having a baby. She's about three weeks from having a little boy. Abraham who is now safely and happily in the world and Jesse was yeah about the job and we had a lovely conversation all about the many things she does. She's just finished a book. I work of fiction. She's also a keen cartoonist. Based she did one woman show edinburgh would sunrise which is really witty. What about the time. That she wasn't with the father five children brown. The comedian are now back together again. Having a third baby they're ready. Have a little boy and a little girl who are six and four They go together they Realize having a baby after one night stand. There's lots of stuff we talk about. We also talk about grief because very sadly jesse lost. Her brother lost yes. She's very open about that. Yeah it was a really great chats. I really into it company. We'd never met before. But we really well. And i had a lovely time speaking to her. And all the things she goes up to and i love her creativity. She's clearly some with a lot going on in her head and the impulses.

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