Interview With Roger Corman


The word legendary is overused but in the case of roger corman. It's well deserved. Roger trained as an engineer at stanford but after four days on the job. He quit to make movies. He began producing and directing low budget. Independent films are getting the underserved teen market. What is films lacked in production value. They made up for imagination. And as roger famously declared he never lost a dime on a picture and he made a lot of them. From nineteen fifty. Five to nineteen seventy-one. He directed over fifty films. Everything from monster. Movies to biker. Pictures to his famous adaptations. The works of edgar allan poe. He focused on producing and film distribution launching the careers of some of the biggest names in hollywood including francis ford coppola jonathan demme joe dante and bringing films by autour like david cronenberg. Ingmar bergman federico fellini to america. Rogers sat down with history of harsh showrunner. Kurt sanga to talk about his remarkable career. You started off directing and producing low budget films in the nineteen fifties How did you deal with the limitations. Faced the early films. I directed i was beginning to director with short schedule and i did what i could. I absorbed films saying. I use certain camera techniques that i've seen before and invented some myself. Now i'm not certain. I really invented them just that i had never seen them in other films. They may not have been as original as i thought. Nine fifty seven directed something like nine films Including tack of the crab monsters personal favourite Fm didn't have a lot of production values. But it was packed. Full of interesting ideas. A what are your memories of that film. Well i remember specifically said didn't have very much money and i remember exactly. The crab monster cost twelve hundred dollars and it was paper my shea but it was very big and it looked pretty good but we were shooting at on the rocks at cabrillo beach and the waves were hitting up against the monster and i could see the waves. Were destroying the back of the monster. So i had to shoot as fast as i possibly could and from only certain angles not to let the audience see that. The vaster was being destroyed. Well we shotted speaking monsters. Tell me about the monster from it. Conquered the world well. The monster from saturn was based upon my studies at the university where i studied physics and i tried within the fantastic world of science fiction to be as logical as possible and i realized a giant planet like saturn would have heavy gravity so therefore a giraffe could not exist but a turtle could because it was close to the ground and would be able to handle the gravity so i had the monster built all about the height of my hand here and thus say was physically correct for the planet saturn. I was having coffee as they were setting up the first shot and beverly garland very hip. Young actress came up to the monster and she looked and she noticed that i was watching her

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