Interview With Seth Moody

When I'm High


Hello everybody welcome to another episode of when i'm hi this is the podcast. That's all about You know what it's like to be high and you know we get into some other topics as well sometimes so if you listen to the last couple of episodes you heard becca dystech. She is the nymph of nymph and woodsmen a company out in oregon and we are very happy to have the woodsmen part of that. We've got seth moody here Seth say hello. Tell us a little bit more about you and you know any anything else that the people need to know thanks for inviting me to your podcast spencer. Yeah i'm the woodsmen of nippon. Woodsmen and becca. And i live on a beautiful farm in southern oregon in the middle the system mountains. And it's fall and it's beautiful just snowed and we finally got some rain and it feels really good right now. So that's awesome. I'm very jealous about the area that you live in. That sounds absolutely gorgeous. I hope to possibly even live out in an area like that. Someday my wife. And i both would love to do that as our A retire retiring area. I don't know what i'm trying to say. But you get the picture. So so you're here to talk about cannabis what it feels like to be high. And obviously you have a very special relationship with Cannabis specifically the cd side of things Can you give us give us some history. While i'm when was the first time you tried cannabis You know wha what's what's your history like there. Yeah that's a good one. My history pretty extensive. I started smoking cannabis when i was sixteen and and on probably while until now i smoke pretty consistently now But through my twenties it was off my late teens. it was off. I was in the army. So i didn't. I didn't smoke at all. Actually when i got out and smoke for a while. But then i moved to alaska. And i got in with bluegrass crowd and started doing joy relaxing music and art and creativity. And so i really started to smoke a little bit more than but it was mixed with alcohol and so it was always strange A lot of times it was strange for me then. So i quit then after moving to hawaii Oddly enough living in hawaii i didn't smoke at all was too expensive. It was too difficult to get and it just actually wasn't conducive to the to. The work i was doing i was i was diving. I was underwater a lot. And i honestly didn't feel like i needed to be high. I was so much going on in my environment So it was really nice but then you know fast forward to now and fifty one. I've had medical conditions now. Chronic medical conditions that only cannabis actually works for me and allows me to function. The pharmaceutical solutions arm suitable treatments. They create actually more confusion in issues than thc cannabis use see quite heavily us around three hundred milligrams a day. Cbd right around there. I use a lousy and it feels good and it works. Good for me. That's my history in a nutshell. Yeah that's awesome. I feel like. I have so many things to respond to. And of course the as i described to you at the beginning of this and then you know. The listeners may not fully understand the logistics of doing these remote interviews are difficult and so i tried to not interrupt my guests because it just makes the communication really difficult when we have like a one to two second delay. So i i you know you've you you're living in oregon. You lived in alaska. You lived in hawaii. These are these amazing places. And i love that you said that in in hawaii you didn't even really feel like you needed it I was lucky enough to be in hawaii for a short amount of time. It was like two weeks back in the early two thousands. But i mean i. I know exactly what you're saying it. It's this absolutely gorgeous place. And i mean i can't even imagine what it would what it was like to be diving there and and doing all that fun stuff and i think. Hawaii is pretty known for cannabis isn't it. Oh definitely definitely. But i was. On and kuwaiti is a notorious family island. It's it's oriented for families and as far as tourism goes Maui famous for cannabis and big island is more famous for cannabis and even a walking Quite has some but it's so small that it's really More treats for locals that are shared. And when i got there but after the first six months and i was there for five years. I didn't really smoke anymore at all. I didn't actually yeah. It was just so beautiful relaxing.

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