Episode 138 The Yarn Wall - burst 15

The Moratorium


Knicks. Suck ass hamburg. I'm very good. No when terra's takeover to oil rigs and threatened to blow them up if their demands are not met and eccentric anti-terrorism expert volunteers his unique commando unit to stop them. The commando unit includes roger moore. Anthony perkins michael parks and james mason. Who's james mason. James mason's the guy from he was captain nemo nobody was captain. Kangaroo captain caveman. Oh it was captain nemo in got what. What is the movie. That i've know him the most i mean he was. I think i might get him in john. Houseman mixed up. Give me your best john houseman. He sounds just like james mason now. He's sounds different. I i can't do it right now. I have to have a certain level of like a throat. Bubble in the cross of iron no l. He plays striker in the salem slot. Tv movie from the seventies. how as the Yes he's like the the human face of

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