Utah governor issues statewide mask mandate amid virus surge


Utah Republican Governor Gary Herbert has declared a state of emergency and ordered a statewide mask wearing mandate. In an attempt to stem a surgeon Corona virus patient hospitalizations that's threatening to overwhelm the state's hospital capacity. Herbert and the Utah Department of Health late yesterday issued executive and public health orders requiring residents toe wear face coverings in public at work and when they are within 6 ft of people who don't live in their households. We must work together to keep infections low until the vaccine is available. Therefore, tonight, I'm declaring a new state of emergency to address hospital overcrowding and to protect intensive care unit capacity first, because scientists and medical experts overwhelmingly recommend mass as an effective way to limit the spread of covert 19. I'm placing the entire state of Utah under a mask mandate until further notice. Several of the state's largest counties already required math, but until now, Herbert distant, extending the rule to the entire state. Despite a two month long surge of cases. The new Utah rules also called for a two week paws on Extracurricular activities, including athletic events, with the exception of high school championship games and intercollegiate athletic events, as long as testing and social distancing guidelines are adhered to. Governor, Herbert ordered the limit on casual so their social gatherings to household members. Only the orders go into effect today. They're set to last until November, 23rd a few days before

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