Top Employer Ranking, Daimler Drama, BMW iX, California Registrations (11.12.20)


Everybody robbing our here and today we're talking a little bit about tussles ability to attract talent. We have a related story on that from berlin monowai sales in california and some news from bmw and riven. All right so we'll start off with talent and this isn't the first time we've talked about a story like this. But universum is out with their most attractive employers in the united states based on serving over two hundred and thirty five thousand students that's worldwide about which companies they would like to eventually work for as tesla has done in years past. They've scored incredibly well in the twenty twenty results and they have actually taken over the first spot in terms of most attractive employers for engineering students in the united states. Interestingly enough taking that spot away from spacex so tesla has risen to number. One spacex has only fallen back to number. Two universum divides the responses into five areas of study business engineering computer science natural sciences and humanities liberal arts slash education tesla finished in the top twenty five for each of these categories and actually moved up in all but one from the twenty nineteen rankings. So for business in two thousand nineteen does the ranked twelfth for twenty twenty. They've jumped up to eighth. Their engineering as we talked about jumped up once baath from second to first computer science one bought from sixty fifth natural sciences bought from sixteen to fifteen and then humanities liberal arts and education stayed at twenty three just for fun if we want to take a look at space x two they also improved across categories but actually fell a little bit in natural sciences and business. They jumped from thirty third up to twenty third so big ten spot increase. Their engineering fell back to second computer sciences. They stayed at seventh so just behind tesla their natural sciences. They're a bit above tesla fourteenth though that is down a little bit from last year's ten ranking and then humanities liberal arts and education they up from fiftieth to fortieth so across the board here across categories tesla and spacex really strong results and mostly improving year-over-year. And i think for tesla. They'd be happy with where they're scoring the best in engineering and computer science natural sciences. We could see a big increase in that next year as a result of everything that tesla has talked about on the battery front at battery day and as a result of moving further and further down the supply chain so hopefully in a year from now when we get these results again. I can remember to look at that. The other elements of this report. That i find really interesting is the spread between tesla and other automakers for example if we look at the computer science category tessa comes in at fifth. The second ranked automaker isn't until fifty one and that's bmw so clearly. These students are smart enough to see tesla as a technology company. And they're really not categorizing. Any of the other automakers in that same. What the closest to testify thank. You get would be uber. Thirty five lift at thirty nine and other than that. I mean you have google number one apple at number two intel at fifteen with. Obviously they have mobile. I samsung nvidia at twenty and twenty one but tessa clearly separate from the other. Automakers we see a similar spread in the business category as well tesla at eight with the second ranked automaker forty one which again bmw for natural sciences. Even more stark. Difference there at fifteen the second. Ranked automaker isn't until eighty. That's actually rolls royce weirdly enough then. Bmw comes in third at eighty six and then the other category. You've got tesla twenty. Three seconds would be bmw at seventy two. Finally the engineering rankings are closer. I don't think that's too surprising. Tesla number one and then ford coming in second at number twelve so again. These are results from students in the united states but this is a worldwide survey so universal also presents those worldwide results for worldwide. They only break it down to business and engineering slash. It but what super interesting and confusing here is. That tesla doesn't actually rank in the top fifty in either of those categories worldwide. Maybe a few years ago that would have made more sense. But tesla has a pretty large global reach at this point so i don't understand how they can be number one for engineering students in united states. And not even be in the top fifty worldwide. Especially when you have ford coming in at number fifteen general motors coming in at number eighteen and obviously the predominance of their strength would presumably be in the us. So i really just don't understand that and back in early october when universum released the worldwide results. They haven't yet released the us numbers but actually looked into it at the time. Thought it was that tessa was missing because of their scores in twenty nineteen so asked them a couple of times about that around that time but i never heard back from them with this report now published again today have reached out again. I don't know if the methodology is changing or if there's a weird regional skew in terms of their survey respondents but it definitely seems odd to me. So i don't know hopefully we'll hear back from them all right staying on the topic of talent but moving away from universum. We've interesting story that has developed over the last couple of days coming out of germany there are reports that the plant manager for daimler's berlin and hamburg factories has requested to retire early at the end of twenty twenty. What makes us interesting. And relevant tesla is that according to the metal which represents workers at these factories. This decision is because of this manager is going to shift over to tesla and beat a manager. Acura berlin this has stirred up some unrest from the union and representative john auto as said that employees at the plant in berlin are irritated. and that it's completely unacceptable for tesla avenue plant. That's less than fifty kilometers away from that mercedes. Plant adding thousands of jobs while quotes at the same time the daimler management can think of nothing more than to shy away from the future and set up its oldest manufacturing plant here to want to close. That is devastating for germany's premium car brand and quote so i g metal was organizing a protest. That was actually scheduled to happen today. I haven't heard anything on that recently. But yano says quote we will make it clear that we see the change in the plant manager as treason it is questionable whether we have not been lied to all the last time and quote guessing that

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