The Hills Have Zeits 11/13: Cori Bush / Breonna Taylor, Kim Ng, Harry Styles, Lockdown, Georgia - burst 5


East coast. Yeah i don't know it. It's changing constantly but it doesn't seem to be getting better and there's a lot of articles trending now it's like is it safe. Is it not safe what to do you have to has. Should you put nine masks on or three sweet spot. And it's like so terrifying. I also feel like now that and the this argument did not hold water with them. When i brought it up the other day but like the fact that we have laid at the end of the tunnel with a vaccine. It's like well now. At least we know it's not forever right like now. We know that eventually will be able to see in the not too euro wilder. But it's not like it's not like may when like what the fuck is still feels like that to a certain extent because we're not sure how we're gonna handle like every dimension of it especially like people not being able to worker needing financial assistance but yeah and finally georgia's trending. I'll just read from the ap report on this. Okay what did they say. What are the lying. Ap after say president donald trump's long-shot bid to overturn president. Elect joe biden's victory. I like that they talk about it like it's an actual suffered major setbacks on friday with news networks calling georgia for the democrat and legal challenges crumbling in three other key states i. It's it's wild to me that the way the the language that's being used around this is like almost like horse racing this to like making this into the horse race whereas and trump is really lagging and his ability to overturn democracy in america. Like what how. How are we normalizing that wild right. It's like i don't know it's like reporting on like a guy who's saying he's gonna fight a bear cage match and you're like you already know you're getting fucked dude. You're you're human fighting grizzly bear lake done but then it's like who knows he might have something it's like. Why are we talking about this. Why can't say this. Poor man is in a cage with a grizz. It's a foregone conclusion. Yeah but there's an addiction to keeping it like there's suspect because that's the only that's we're the fucking hole like digital media. Click like the impressions thing is also like fucking up to. Because i'm sure they see if they put stuff that's like it's a rab. Don't worry this guy's fuck. Here's all the ways he's wrong or even just yeah. I guess that both sides ing that was actually not from the. Ap that was from the algerians france presse perfectly pronounced by me and yeah but anyways just the both sides of it is. It's like a stupid and dangerous and dangerous. And i mean it's not stupid the idea it comes from a good place but the republicans have weaponized it against you so like you can't you can't just keep oh sizing things when they're using that to get away with basically murder But anyways we'll see. Let's go down to harold lederman for the tale of the tape cage side so look

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