Moon Studios on the Potential of a New Ori Game


Studios doesn't have any new Oregon's plan right now, but has quote left the door open for return to the series perhaps in a prequel or spinoff one been off the team doesn't have much control over but would very much like to see is or making an appearance in Super Smash, Brothers with Oriental. Blind for US and oriented the will of the wisps now. Complete. The studios previously said that it's happy with how Oris story ended in a new interview Janati made clear. That was still the case, but it doesn't necessarily mean moon won't return to the world it created obviously there's a longer interview with Joe Scrambles or whoever actually did it under the pen name talking to it, but that's the synopsis of it for Your Future. Did. You connect with the Games Andrea? Oh. Yes. Loved you orient the will of the wisps was phenomenal. It's one of my a game of the year contenders. I thought it was really well done on a variety of levels. So great I think or it'd be a fun addition to smash. And I think that that'd be cool. But I also don't play smash though what else would have? To. Would you I mean do you want to be left alone or would you love more installments? I would love more but they wrapped up the story was really great and the narrative. This time really spoke to him more than the blind forest did even the blind force was also very good. I JUST WANNA. See more in that world because I think the artists are beautiful. But they they have a lot of possibilities. They introduced some cool characters. They could potentially do spinoff of I mean they can also bring Ori Back and do a different story with Oreos well.

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