Whats with the Moon - #618


My God nothing will make me happy we're talking about baby heike. During how do you know about? I'm little thing. I don't air just started saying it I assume think. Well. Here's what happened. We were filming something. There was a conversation about the size of people and somebody asks drew drew. And without without missing a beat and without without knowing what was going on drew just looks. Small. So most and it was like, this is perfect. I think I was looking at my phone. I didn't even look up for what he asked. Front smaller. I want that shirt so bad. I want that picture of Eric just going like this. Yeah it's me I'm. I'm just little. Tiny could you possibly doing what you're doing? You're twenty. Two to. What is, what is that? Are you playing with tiny tiny accordion is a tiny. I don't know. I don't. Secret. Into doing the I'm little motion. I just had a spasm in my neck from it. So hard on it next. You went to small yeah I. Don't know that I can do this I can't do the small hands this you have to do this to its fingers together and then you put it next year face and then you make them you put them all bunched together and then you just sort of like I'm so I'm just tiny is the is the. All got it Yup. Okay. Let's see. Let's let's see. Drew It. took. I do too big or small. I'm why were there so many ideas? Eyebrows. Is. Also. Too close to your face with the hand motion it looked like you were playing with an invisible mustache. Yeah. It's got to light. This is I. It's almost like you're almost like you're hiding you're just being. So small a camp, a bit I'm. Having there. Debate you. You look like a bug. Bare bears making sure that berries are ripe. That's what my smallest is. This one. Good. Good. That's yeah. That's great. Guys. Welcome to the six hundred eighteenth of this fucking podcast. It doesn't. Run out of things to talk about too big to be small mobile I. I saw a sign the other day I tweeted about this and I wanna get your opinion. When? I show you something. Down the street I stopped at a red light and I look people put signs on telephone poles side of the street and I saw this sign and I want to know from you guys what the fuck is designed. Say. feel the quality I mean. Quality but it says Field Wall. or No it says feel the duality. Oh. You can see no we'll get the left side of you can see a straight line where the person went like. Here's the curve of the D. and then boom. All right. Let's straight line. Over, -ality. Quality in the Little Sur. Forgot the Q. Arena touch. Negated the Q. The thing is is is. It doesn't make sense. Feel the duality that doesn't make sense equality accents but feel the wally is not actually a word. We're debating. War that's definitely an oh in my opinion, look at the mystery line on the t the straight line on the OH. Nah We'll see where we can see where it ends and you can see it's thicker on the left side agency that it's thicker on the left is phone number it like that's what's marked out. That's not part of the sign that was a phone number, the phone number. Okay I, call it. Right. Before we went live, I, call that phone number. As you. The person who answered the phone sounded like the angriest person in the world it sounded to me like wherever's phone numbers on that sign did not want their phone number on a sign that person sounded so mad when they answered the phone. Throws. All. All I said was. The wrong number. You didn't even. Was So. Small. I was here. He. Founded Madison like like when Your Dad is Matt. Here. Let's role play. I'm you, you're the guy. A. Low. Sorry I guess I have the wrong number. Congo. Whole conversation. Scared I was so scared I hung up right away I didn't want to be on the phone anymore at all. Based on that man's voice would you say that it was a quality phone call or was there a element of duality I that phone call I felt the duality of being an adult a little at the same time Pity. So I. Ran A poll on twitter and the option that one was duality. Second Place second-place was oh -ality. Quality came in third which seems ridiculous to me. It's not even a word. Duality. That's right. The people voted they make their voices heard just like they're going to vote next month. They said Eric you're right. It is do -ality, Eric, you are the People's champion you know everything and you're so smart and clearly they were writing quality I just forgot the That's not equality move right which was why you need to call that number to feel the quality onto you have to feel the duality of trying to have quality with no quality field the duality. I love how every podcast it's just what could I bring up to this group that were absolutely going to be divided. That's. Prime reason for taking that photo and then for calling that phone number well. Speaking of division right before the podcast we were talking about this video we all saw. Of, some home shopping network where two hosts were arguing about what the moon was not up. This is your drew. Has apparently their argument was they were they neither of them knew the moon was one person thought it was a star the other person thought it was a planet and they were. So they were like mind boggled that the other person didn't know that was the case about the other thing and you're like you're both for. We're still. Yeah I have a theory about the moon and it is that if you put two people into a conversation about the moon, they will eventually argue. The over under of the tax, there's four of us here. If we start talking about the moon, we will immediately disagree almost out of the gate. Ara about what is there to disagree about the Moon? Why is it out during the day? If it's are also out at night? Geraghty. Gary. It gets worse if we see the moon during the day in what in the phase that it's N. What does China and Australia see?

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