Vanderbilt-Missouri is the first SEC game postponed due to COVID-19


We welcome you back. Our is live and underway busy busy I our. Thirty minutes ago we learned that the first SEC game has been postponed of this twenty twenty campaign it will be. Rescheduled Vanderbilt Missouri scheduled for this Saturday in Columbia. Now, be December twelfth. We'll talk to coach drink in thirty minutes and get his reaction to that. So here we go more phone calls in a minute a lot of fans unhappy from every aspect of the winners and losers speaking of the latter. Let's talk about the Lsu Tigers two weeks ago Scott Rabble a came on. Wasn't ready to hit the panic button. Everything was calm. Scott's gotcha very scopes. Scott Seen It all before. Scott. Have you seen anything quite like the ending of Saturday's game? Good afternoon how are you? and got to the NFL Yeah that's that's you mentioned I'm kind of reminded of the and it's not a good time Lsu that ninety nine, Game Alabama when just food he tried to run the ball down like. John elway. Pin Wheeled in the air came up a yard short and and they you know they they threw the ball and the they did it. They didn't score. So yeah, it was. It was reminds me of you not good times for Lsu but you know. I gotta say the way lsu played Saturday. On defense but also on offense failing to convert a third down there really is kind of justice. They didn't really deserve to win that game I, mean they they you know they pulled it out and they would've pulled it out there. It would have been a win that covered up a lot of a lot of issues. So what? I don't know if it's safe to go outside I. Mean I know I know the version fortunately escaped the worst of the storm the other day was farther to the West but I mean what? What what is the buzz in your town especially both Pallini and and I mean three games in he seems like he's on the tip of everyone's tongue is it fair? Oh. Sure? Yeah. Absolutely. I mean this is the this is the defense that You know this change Dave Randall left defensor longtime defensive coordinator WHO's hard under? Les. Miles. You know the several years ago he left me the head coach at Baylor. So they had to hire someone like forced out or anything. So hopefully knew who was here under miles and those first three great years in the Mouse Oh, five Oh, six Oh, seven the end up with a national championship and you know just it hasn't worked at me. This questions is Bo behind the Times is not adjusted to those are some great defensive back then with Clinton Dorsey and Tyson Jackson and and you know you're a great players like that got a little on Landry secondary great players like that, and you kind of wonder you know the Adjusting but. It's just been Y- coaches you're on himself is trying to put it all on him and the coaches and they got a coach better. You said that, Saturday, after the game you set it on his press conference today, they just lost followed. They're they're good players on the Stevens, their high NFL draft pick on the defense Derek Stanley Jacoby Stevens to real cox the transfer for. North. Dakota. State people said he might have been a first round draft pick. Had He come? Out and said of transferring Ali Gay Defensive End they lost a lot of great players, but this shouldn't be this bad and aurons You know famously said, then the all season, the defense look better in practice than at any time last year, and obviously that is not the case and they gave up eight plays a twenty yards of more. Missouri averaged almost nine yards per play and five and a half yards per carry it and it just that's just not. That's just not winning football and worst of all they all she just looked. I saw gene gene Chizik said after the game. So you. Look, like on Defense Soft and lost, and Lsu looks like both unfortunately for them. By, the way everything you just got through saying you could replicate for three or four other SEC schools except none of them are the defending champions like Lsu. Scott we're three games in I. Mean we all know that and I'm not sure how much you can value. A. Win Over Vanderbilt Right now considering the state of that program. But as you look ahead I, mean you don't look any farther than this weekend against Florida. LSU will need to score seventy points to keep up with them. Immediate? Looks. That way and I'm not a betting Guy Pa, my government I think I've looked at the over maybe go for that Florida's defense looks pretty challenge to Alabama wins and gives up forty eight points to stole miss. But the the disturbing serving big frail issue. Yeah. Everyone's having trouble defensively No question. Do you wonder if that lack of spring football or the proper time to prepare in the off season has hurt them But you know you look at that once you give six, hundred, twenty, three guys and the Mississippi State, history has been dreadful offense against Arkansas and Kentucky the last two weeks Missouri scored like I think three touchdowns combined the first Games averaging like fifteen points a game against Alabama Tennessee and it just go wild lsu just look great. I mean that's that's the part. That's that's extra disturbing prelates pans and like the lsu fans always. Always wanted this offense obviously, they complained for years and rightly. So by the the plotting less miles offense, but there's a lot of pride in the school, the the the the billy cannon is the star up in you know and and now Joe Borough and players like that. But the tried is always been the defense, the Chinese bandits, Tommy Tests Inova Win Dorsey Laurent Landry mentioned, Patrick, Peterson, Taran Taran Matthew, and what else he doesn't play Great Defense I. Think this is this is like a core value of lsu's program that is not being being held a lived up to, and it's it's very troubling Tila lsu probably would take a little less offense for some better defensive as. Scott Realistically I mean this weekend looks like a long shot I would have to say I mean still Alabama. Out There Auburn out there. South, Carolina am I mean everyone knows the schedule? I mean before the season some might be hard to win them all but maybe maybe eight or nine. Where's the sliding scale right now? Ball I don't know it's sliding really. Really. Bad way down the hill. You know a lot of hills here in Baton Rouge but he found it. It's sledding Hill that way. Down Victory Hill Yes for the team marches down normally before the Games by Tigers stadium is not vitriol right now I I like everybody else said like the six games else who's GonNa win and four games where the season's going to be decided Alabama Auburn Florida and Texas a&M, and right now I don't think he can after South Carolina just banning by the same score Lsu did Arkansas has played. She's gotTa go to they'll South Carolina, comes here in in two weeks I don't I don't think. There's any Sherwin left for L. Share on the schedule I don't think they're gonNA go one nine but I think right now you just gotTa. Look at what can you do to have a have a winning season they're still good players There's on this team in town they lost a lot from last year obviously, but you know the they've got to. Change, the things coach today coach talk today about simplifying both offense and defense. Again remember the offense was Owen on third down Saturday that's a pretty bad step to although this court forty-one points should have been enough to win, but it's still some really great players on the House Brennan. Has Not Been, Joe Borough, been very good. You know he's had over three hundred yards passing game over four hundred yards Saturday tariffs, marshalls been tremendous hit two, hundred, thirty, five, yard service and three touchdowns Saturday. So this, this isn't good players in the team, but they just got to get tougher and and find a way to grind out a win somewhere and and this is not entirely similar fall I gotta say from twenty. Dissimilar from twenty seventeen she lost at home Detroit and went to Florida the next week and they won the game I'm not saying I'm not predicting she win. But this have the size, a lot of field of that when they kind of looked tougher and more determined and they found a way to win and they've never looked back games on order on, they're gonna be hard pressed to avoid doing that obviously late this week. He had I wouldn't call it a charm to existence because now that you mentioned the troy game and there had been some ups and downs but certainly coming off the best year ever how is he handling the defeats? A He's he's trying to take a lot of the blame on himself and deflected from his team Not exactly deflecting from the assistant coaches said, he's talked about, hey, on defensive we just have one coverage and one one formation. Let's do that. Let's and you said. Some things on offense too. I think he's kind of talking about Scott Lenihan, the new guy, a passing game coordinator WHO and Red Zone specialists who take the place of Joe Brady who who was on the staff last year and of course talking about Botha? Lenient? Coach, and he said something telling today I thought that you said, you know the most Ryan. The defense but he he's he's going to you know be checked in on every formation every plan that they use you know as a defensive line coach that's his forte he he's going to be I think maybe a little more hands on with the formations they use and the and the and the coverages, and but some of that are doing well, he's Got Thrown out I think that. This is the defense he wanted this is he talking about being wardrobe four three and they've got a great. Turn of Russia there plus six turnover ratio they're doing very well at that the they're causing some some big plays in that in that regard and turnovers just can't get off the field and can't Can't stop people and giving up a big big yards on the ground, and then these these huge places. The elected eight plays a twenty yards or more Saturday and gets very, which is

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