Severe flash flooding moves across metro Atlanta


We do still have tropical what was tropical depression. Delta is now continuing just to turn around Mississippi but bringing heavy rain and we even had some severe weather across parts of Atlanta. Right now, we do have flash flood warnings, in effect for Clayton Cobb to cab and Fulton County's. That is, including The Atlanta Metro area right here, and that is until 2 a.m. central time 3 a.m. for here in the Atlanta Metro. If you were in that area, so make sure you are trying not to roam around when we have flooding like this, especially as it starts to get dark lot of cars will end up getting stranded as they might just go down a dip run into some water. And you end up getting stuck there. So heavy rain still falling there across the metro, and we have continued to see that rain piling up of the last couple of hours. It has told up quite a bit. So here it is some of those numbers near the Atlanta metro 2.5 inches here in the last few hours around two inches to the north. That is a lot of water, and there's not a whole lot of places for it to go. So again, the flash flood warning in effect until 3 a.m. local time in in Atlanta. Now we're seeing this system starts the transition a little more off to the East. The threat Wass Further west. Now it's starting to move here. The severe weather outlook here still includes Atlanta but also now spreading the east, including Athens and also getting toward the Carolina border here. So Augusta, Georgia now included in that area of watching for severe weather. We're talking a slight risk for a few more thunderstorms that could generate quick spin up tornadoes that we have seen somewhat today. At least the threat for that another area not associated with the remnants of Delta Way off to the north. We're talking your main and leaving Vermont, New Hampshire, Just a band of thunderstorms. Some of these have been severe, producing some gusty winds over 60 MPH quarter size. Hail that is one other zone and tomorrow we could be seeing things changing a bit more as the remnants of Delta just going to kind of get scooped up here. Mixing in with this next system, bringing heavy rain across the Northeast. We're going to track the next system that we're going to be seeing across the Midwest tomorrow, coming up. Gerard. Thank you.

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