People are calling out Cardi B for her crowded 28th birthday


Rolled and Lady douche bag of the day. You Who's your D bag? Rtb ono Cardi B. Everybody loves cardio. You know, I hate this because you know me. I usually love Cardi B but I don't like the choices she's made this week. Oh, so she just celebrated her 28th birthday and birthday. So Cardi b, not 12. Turn down the opportunity to celebrate. Decided to invite a bunch of friends to Las Vegas. For a big birthday party. Um, slight problem. Well, well, problem. Big The term big birthday party scares me a little bit all living there in a pandemic. It's big. I don't know if you've seen pictures from this party. Look here. Yeah, I just opened it right up and tell me what you see. How about this? Yes, Bradley, you be the verbal picture teller. Can you tell our listeners who cannot look at the pictures of cardio bees? 28th birthday shindig in Las Vegas? You tell the people what you're seeing. Oh, was this like from last year? I mean, this is this year. This is her big birthday party in Las Vegas, Nevada. I see literally one person wearing him at like one person, and it's not full. Yeah, on crowd and a chin diaper. It's not actually a mask. You know what I mean? Like they're wearing it low slung. Well, this person isn't Oh, no, that person. You're right. Yes, there was another. There's another picture of somebody wearing it like a chin diaper. Auntie Chin diaper. That's it's a thing. Okay. Anyway, this is a full on party man. Nobody is social dis Nothing. Nobody's wearing a mask. Nothing. Does she literally later? Global pandemic is not going on She to my knowledge. I should double check and see if she's said anything Since these pictures. I want to know what people said on Twitter that card people that when you want to know what people's opinions are on Ah, a certain issue. Just go to Twitter. She she had this party and like, Like I said, like she crammed a bunch of people into a club in the Las Vegas Nevada area. And there was no masks. There was no social distancing there licking each other. By the way, her husband Offset who she filed for divorce from She's giving him a lap dance, okay? So me thinks that perhaps They're not. Getting a divorce. Maybe. I don't know. I don't know what they're up to. In any case. I just thought this sort of like brazen, especially given the fact Bradley do you remember early in the pandemic? Cardi B was like a voice of reason. She was like, guys. Everybody wear the mask. It's not that hard, like do this stuff because That's what we're doing. But I do know that when she filmed her her I don't know. We don't know for calling it lapper wop video. That's how old and out of that old and out of touch we are. She did you know, they kept everything on lock down like they Everybody was tested repeatedly, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So then, looking at these pictures, I think to myself I bet that that's the excuse. I bet that they tested Everybody there. I mean, that could be because one thing we do know is that People with resource is in this moment have access toe tests that not everybody else does. And then I want everybody to sit for a second and think about how nice it would be to be able to, like, I don't know. Have a holiday with your whole family. But, yeah, it's so interesting. So I'm looking at some people are calling it out on Twitter, but it doesn't seem like there's any particular call out happening. I'd be curious what she has to say about it. I mean, and she very well may say nothing, which is also like her prerogative, right? Like She can just decide. You know, at any given time, like I don't really feel like addressing that at all. So she might just not say anything. And then again, she might. She might come out and give us every good reason why It was a okay for her to have a birthday party for herself. I do see a lot of headlines like of you. Google Cardi B Birthday party. You get a lot of Party B comes under fire from fans hosting huge party Cardi B. Slam for Pak birthday party fans or slamming Cardi B for showing off her huge something. Oh birthday party. And I do find it interesting that it looks like the photos that she published or just her. You know, not like the Oh, no. She actually posted that photo that I am Cardi B posted that photo that group photo one with all the people in there all she's on the floor. I don't understand why, but I mean Who knows? She did post a picture of the next day of her walking in a bikini, and she was like I'm walking down because I'm still drunk. So like she had a time like she definitely had a time. Just like that. I'm not comfortable with that. Not at all. You know, I don't have to be Yeah, No, everybody gets to make their choice. But then I think about all the people that were flying in and out for that and one of the person one of the persons one of the people who showed up with Kylie Jenner. We talked about this a little bit and then dirt alert. Update. But that woman Is Trying very hard to be friends of Cardi B O for sure, Right? Eso? Yes, because she she likes attention. They will have you know that she took her own private jet. To Las Vegas to go to this party, and then she and her friends got back on the jet, and they partied on her jet. Which, if that is not something that Sounds so foreign. I don't know what is Right. Like when was the last time you partied on your private jet? Bradley, zero of Ah, Any Who's he? What's he listen like? I just the thing that there's like cognitive dissonance because Party B was an early voice of You know, pay attention to the rules do the things you need to dio where a mask, she said all those things out loud, but then to see her acting. Exactly the opposite is a little bit frustrating, and I'm sure for fans And and non fans alike, Right? Yeah, I think it's you know. It's It's a different thing to say like I think it's you know, everybody is going to judge so that's totally fine. And when it comes to celebrities, we judge like nobody's business. Cove. It is a little different because everybody has like their own boundaries, And sometimes things are when you're in one place. The recommendations might be different than another. But this doesn't seem like shades of great. I mean, this just seems it's quote. It's so obvious. I just think about all the people like I don't care about the I should say I don't care. I am less concerned about the health of the people who are choosing to do this. And the people who have to work to make that party happened, like, think of all, and I do think this is I should be really careful because I don't like to get into political conversations. But she has made some political statements that would lead you to indicate she cares very much about people who are less fortunate and don't have resource is right. And I would just like to remind her that all of the people that work at the place that she threw her party probably don't have a choice to go to work. And put themselves at risk with a bunch of people not wearing masks ready. So I think that to me is a fair criticism. I think that's actually a really good point. Your right. I mean, the people who are they're working in the situation. And actually if you scroll down and look at some more of the pictures You will see guards, you know, like bodyguards that are there that are masked. You will see people who are clearly implicitly. And the problem is because I can hear some people saying Well, you know, the employees are massed in there, Baba. Did it really kind of doesn't matter when you're in a big room, right? And it looks like they're in like a big party room or something. It's the combination of masking and social distancing and hand washing. It's it's all you have to kind of aliens. All the prongs of the attack, If you like, I don't know. I feel like we've seen somewhere recently where a bunch of people were together. You know that sounds really familiar. I can't. Yeah, but yeah, but But but But we do hear these stories of people all being piled up together. And then they mask super spreader events, right? Even if you're outside and this looks like it's an indoor event, and they're all sort of Yeah. I don't know. Card E B. I'm disappointed in you. I'm sad about it because they usually love everything She does. But this was this was a miss for me. Party B.

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