Boston mayor provides update on election preparations


Walsh with an update on how the city is preparing for the election. Here's Devil. BBC's Madison Roger some boarded up Windows downtown. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said the city is prepared for possible unrest tomorrow, but they aren't anticipating it. As with every election, a police officer will be stationed at every publication. Inside. We are monitoring conversations across the country about potential voter intimidate. Patient at polls. We do not have any information here about any threats in Boston Mayor Walsh reminding residents that Boston will count mail in ballots that arrived through Friday, so people should be prepared. If the results aren't clear by tomorrow night. That does not mean that the voting process is broken. No compromise compromise in in any any way. way. This This is is normal normal in in this this particular particular year year with with the the number number of of seems seems like like we're we're gonna gonna be be setting setting a a record record in in the the country country for for turnout turnout for for a a national national election, election, and and the the latest latest

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