The Hotshot Crews, And How They Assist In Fighting Wildfires



Nearly a hundred million acres. California is a big state and during the two thousand twenty wildfire season over eight thousand eight hundred fires have contributed to the burning of nearly four point five million acres making it the largest fire season in California's modern history to put that in context, the twenty twenty-five have been more than the last three years combined with five of the six biggest fires in California's history happening this year unfortunately, there's been over ten thousand four hundred structures that have been damaged or destroyed, and at least thirty one fatalities relating to the wildfires. Today over fifty, six, hundred firefighters continue to battle twenty, two wildfires in the Golden State hotshot crews are the most highly trained skilled and experienced type of hand crews. Hotshot crews made up twenty, two, twenty, two wildland firefighters who respond to lodge high priority fires across the state and the nation and fight the most challenging part of the fire. They are trained and equipped to work autonomously in remote areas for extended periods of time with little or no logistical support. The Texas Canyon Hotshot crew located in the Santa Clara Valley in Southern California was established back in nineteen, fifty four. Zuni Indian served as firefighters with Texas Canyon until the one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven, fire season, and the knife wing can't Cina is the official symbol of the crew. which has fought fires in just about every western state including Alaska. I catch up with Justin good who's been hotshot with Texas Canyon crew for five years. Justin is about to deploy to her eighth fire of the season what you're about to hear. Past no views and opinions not those of the US Forest Service or for that matter anyone else. I stopped by asking just dean about pets which is trying to quiet down. So I have have a couple of animals. So I have chip he's a Yorkie. Very small but very brave, and then I also have a mini pig that you know as many pigs are not that many once they totally grow about seventy pounds. He still sleeps in bed with me mostly on the couch and just hangs out. And these two they they don't really get along but they don't get along that makes sense. But there's probably a whole instagram feed of dogs and pigs. There is which is influenced by I was trying to get him to like you know sleep in the same bed together and they'd never do but you know whatever nobody likes his like instagram. Well if anyone's life is life, ANC Ram it might be you you. You're kind of like a real life action hero. Funny I was thinking about that like the more you get to know someone the more you realize. Only God. Everything. So maisy Minnie actually like see how it really is. Your odd everybody's got. Everyone's the same. You know you never got problems. Is a Texas. Kenyon, hotshot just incas you all one I am a Texas cannon hotshot. It really is cool. So it's like it seems probably pretty arrogant actually call yourself. A hotshot is literally in our job name. So we're. Probably done a little bit more research to find out exactly how many hotshot cruised are are in the nation. There's not a ton of us. It's a pretty. Small. Amount of of groups. So we're basically like a special uses module that go too hard to access difficult access portions of the fire or fires. So a lot of time with wildfires they might start off the road, but then they burn up kinda going towards the middle of nowhere or they start from a lightning strike in the middle of nowhere they're very difficult to access and you're not gonna be able to drive up there and put Jose from the road says where we come in were a hand crew. So we either hike in or we fly in to get those more difficult portions the fires

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