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Amen is sometimes Valya. I'll see. Like A picture of Chadwick and I'm like Man Chadwick past. I think that is just crazy, man. Oh, yeah, I was going through all these interviews yesterday of him, and it saw it nearly made me smile to see how much he loved acting and how much he loved putting the work into it. And so I think that's really beautiful that Disney was able Tio help put up this mural and memory and memory of him and his beautiful tribute. And when the Avengers campus opens in design California adventure, he they are, of course going to have Can't. They're involved in all of that in this like big stunt show, but I hope they do something just a little bit more for Chadwick because he meant so much to so many people, and I really, really hope they do that. But Is free to go to check out that. Ah, that beautiful mural that they have a there right now. So go see, that may be so happy. All right. For more neighborhood news, Go to real 93 dot com And I'm to tell you Perez for Big boy's neighborhood on Real 83 L. A zoo home for hip hop standing up to racism and racial justice in our black and brown communities. With just 7 40 traces showed you feel you next to Matt won't see you crashed. Question Did that got you come to love me now Sound And how would you still love me now? And how which is still Would you still love me? But it smells so good. Would you still doesn't sit? Still core? Essentially, could I count on you to get it is support mentally from from a bed would put disappear but some of my friends of Obama sat it down, putting it down, right? I make the questions to find out how you feel sad If find burgers at Burger King would you be saying Take me and use my son which is like that. You love that right back now we can have a little drink. You know, a nightcap will do it like I know you like you love me now. And how would you still have me love me now? And you still do You believe me when I tell you You want a loving man because of next 21 question that you must so makes it So you trust me enough to tell me dreams standing next trying to figure how you got on James. Sam, would you say things that make me smile? You want to be treated Just like we have some other chick with someone happened to see me about it. I said it wouldn't mean Would you believe me up on a desolate takes, you would be gone way Make steaks to make it up, Do whatever it takes. I know you like effect Locate. Must ally Say anything to make you smile. Love me now, how would you still

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