Mobile Voting's Future


Can you honestly tell me someday five ten years down the road of the keep experimenting with this that they will not be able to come up with a system that is secure. Let's find out. From. The Wall Street. Journal this is the future of everything. I'm Janet Bobbin. Today on the PODCAST mobile voting. Many of us can get to the polls on election day if we prioritize and make a plan and everything goes smoothly. But for some people getting to a polling location isn't even an option whether they are in rural locations or in another country. Really out there the ends of the Earth it's it's ugly Afghanstan. It's middle Afghanistan. That's where West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner found himself in twenty twelve after more than a decade serving in the military he was working in. Afghanistan is a military contractor, the roads there were under frequent attack. The mountains were treacherous and the weather could be nasty, and so there were literally months. Wouldn't get mail. Just part is the acceptance of that type song. I'm that meant Warner couldn't vote in the twenty twelve primary. Fast forward to two thousand. Seventeen. Warner's back in the US and becomes West Virginia Secretary of State. So now he's in charge of his State selection and wants to help military personnel to vote more easily. Assistance is just kind of an afterthought or any cases. So what I WANNA, do I wanNA give soldiers and opportunity to vote and I think the Electric means is the most logical place to go. Warner. Started thinking about a guy he met back in twenty fourteen budding Entrepreneur Nimitz. Hani. So my brother and I viewers go. Up and to be at a hacksaw at South by southwest in Austin. Texas. At south by southwest side was just a guy trying to break into the tech world. He wasn't thinking about voting what really intrigued US besides the in the free food. Tons was the prize money and the team of the on was hacked to the future. Was One thing you would do in the future and how you're doing. So as he thought about the future and what he would do. So honey actress past growing up in India as a member of the Sikh minority A separatist movement was ascending in northern India led by seeks that was swiftly brought down by then prime minister Indira. Gandhi in Nineteen eighty-four she was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards. There was a lot of political and religious turmoil and election soon after for the new communist and there were some very unfortunate incidents which happened under time and one of them was as a little kid see people being coerced ward at gunpoint. Coercion to vote at gun point that can stick with a person and in Austin under pressure to create an innovative APP. Sahana. Used that memory and pitched mogul voting after that used a digital ledger called the blockchain that was invented to help, buy and sell crypto currency. And when we pissed onstage, it was printer of silence in. Maybe. The completely bombed when they announced the first by it was a shock. So honey. Took that prize money found investors and developed the mobile phone voting APP called votes. That's V O. His first client was Mac Warner, the former Afghanistan contractor who's now West Virginia's secretary of state in two, thousand eighteen. The state became the first in the country to try it out in a federal election when Warner launched small mobile voting pilot program for his states military personnel serving overseas. But there were issues and there were critics up next votes and other

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