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On the line with Mica coppins and independent voice you X. Strategist and designer, and also the creator of the voice acts designed sprint. Based in Paris and France, just like me at Mike has adapted Google sprint method for voice design giving you a clip process go from idea the validated case to prototype. So you'RE GONNA learn all about collection of games and interactive exercises that form the voice ex design sprint. These are things that you can use in your own voice design sprints in the office even at home when you're building cutting edge voice APPS. So Mike Walker to the show. Thank you. Thank you call. That is the most magnificent introduction I've ever heard. My pleasure. Great to have you on the on the finally I know we've we've already met in person. You see you're in. You're in Taras even presented on stage at one point at together. Yes you did. We had the chance to talk about voice together at a sloppy witches of French you ex association was really interesting. We also did a voiceprint challenged right after that which is shortens learners voice exercises to give me a taste of what they can do in a very short amount of time. started. Yeah I remember that's fantastic. So you can definitely we can talk about as well as greater to join you on stage to give a presentation to the French crowd about voice Yes it was a great experience and let's go straight into the the design San. Maybe we could maybe you could give an outline of what the the Google Sprint was the main the core concepts though that come into these and how then the voice ex designs Bryn adopt style though the the unique elements of the the the voice focused presents. Yes of course. So the design sprint is a matter that was developed by J snap. while. He was at go. and. That is now majorly adopted as row a digital industry. To make better products foster signs, the pitch of all this of designers sprint, which is different from an agile sprints at the design. Sprint is really diving deep and focused during. Short amount of time what writers like or five days out with a multidisciplinary team, and you go from just a challenge, a problem to a prototype solution that was tested with users. Okay. That's that's the main contact. The real strength of the design sprint is the fact that you have everyone in the room or a very focused worked together. A short period of time. That allows you to align teams better to make savvy unreal progress and you have user input from the very beginning of when you start bling your product. Go to, yes. Very us a century focused exactly exactly and it also helps teams within companies aligned. So it's Good for companies and for end users, which is all like was everything I feel very passionate about. So perhaps. I can tell you about how the voice actor designs sprint came to be, which were also explained how it is different from regular design sprint. Yeah. Definitely. Go ahead. So. I started out consulting employs from the very very beginning that voice became a more. More of the things that say so in Lhasa believes definitely gaining popularity although voice has existed for. A lot longer than EGO. Are? Present And I saw a few problems I started consulting with companies star Knobs, and those problems were one. No one really had a clue of how much. Artificial intelligence could do or not do for voice applications that was like one challenge I soul the second challenge I saw his because. Some people knew other people did know. Everyone had different ideas at team alignment was very, very difficult around these new projects. One of by one of my clients actually one day said, hey, here's a pedia. You can feed it to the machine and he saw that conversation with just magically start. So because of that. Difficult team alignment, revenue voice technology not everyone had the same knowledge which was really a a gap that needed bridging. Not. Enough user input because it wasn't new technology was very often about getting the technical goal prototypes right So definitely user centrists also something I was of getting worried about. And so Because I wanted to make sure that these innovation products moved at the pace that they needed to move. For them to stay in alternative and not to be an officer saw. What everything had already happened I thought. Okay. Well, I need to be looking at the methodology. Dad Does these things that team alignment and speed And so the designs sprint nationally came to mind because that's exactly that that's what it says sold. Big Problems. In just five days that's seems beach of did sign sprint say yeah. Just how to look at the Google side and. The sprint book suggests that Yeah Five Day process for answering critical business questions through design prototyping and testing ideas with customers allows you to forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions before making any expensive commitments. That's the key point rights before you build a product or we spend a lot of money on it, you WanNa everyone in the room you want to get those those insights as quickly as possible.

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