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Hinted at a collaboration with the company. There's been no comment from crocks. Larry Kowski. Bloomberg Radio Radio 1000. Okay, M k x x y FM 96.18 to Oklahoma City. A boy shot to death in Midwest City, But police say they're not getting help from the public. I'm Beth Myers in the news radio 1000 Katie, Okay, New center. Midwest City Police chief Brandon Clabes says police don't have much to go on when it comes to a 12 year old boy who was shot to death last night at the sandhill Apartments in the 1400 block of Midwest Boulevard. We're still working the case now we don't know exactly what occurred, but Unfortunately, as as as this case is like the 13 weeks ago, where 70 Year old was shot and killed the Midwest City We're not getting any leads, not getting cooperation from the public. Witnesses say there were several juvenile's hanging out in front of an apartment when the shot was fired. The boy was shot in the chest. He was taken to a hospital where he died. A boy was earlier reported as a runaway and a woman's been shot dead in what Oklahoma City police are calling a home invasion. They say three suspects kicked in the door of an apartment in the 3100 block of South West 59th Street last night and fired shots of the people inside a 32 year old woman was struck by the gunfire. And died at the scene. Police say the investigation is early and ongoing and no arrests have been made. A scathing audit of epic charter schools state auditor Cindy Bird today released the first part of an investigative on it requested by Governor Kevin's dead. I have seen a lot of fraud. In my 23 years. And this situation is deeply concerning the audit is more than 100 pages long among just some of the issues that Bird pointed out in a news conference today was $3 million. That epic spent in three months on a media blitz to recruit new students. And money and allegedly used from Oklahoma taxpayers to expand in California. The federal government is sending 100 million Rapid Cove in 19 tests. Estates, including Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt says Oklahoma's first allocation is roughly 77,000 of the nasal swab test that deliver results in 15 minutes or less. We'll share more on the exact distribution in the coming days, but K through 12 schools. Front line, health care workers and vulnerable populations will be our priorities. The maker of the tests Abbott Diagnostics says it will manufacture up to 48 million tests every month. Governor State says hundreds of thousands will be sent to Oklahoma before the end of the year. Spirit Aerosystems announcing today it will close its plant in McAllister. Here's Margot Moran. Oh because of the downturn and air travel and the grounding of the Boeing 7 37 Max Siri's, the company announced today it will close its plant in McAllister and move operations to Tulsa and Wichita. The layoffs will begin in December and be complete by May of 2021 employment at the plant had already been reduced by more than 50%. This year about 175 employees of McAllister will be impacted. Now that cares, Act funding has run out. American Airlines says it will move ahead with furloughing 19,000 employees Union leaders say hundreds will be affected at the airline's maintenance base in Tulsa from the news radio 1000 Katie Okay Weather Center and the four Warren Storm team. It's going to be cool tonight and clear alot of 43 on Friday sunny and mild with a high of 74 on Saturday. We do have a 20% chance of storms Ah, high of 79

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