The Mike Church Show-The Devils Got His Civil War-Trumps Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett Sparks Demoncrat War Against Catholicism! - burst 1


We were expecting that there would be a avalanche. I mean A. A. Media Avalanche. Against Amy Coney Barrett. But it hasn't materialized yet. I'm not complaining about that don't please do not misunderstand. There were some questions that were axed. the president yesterday and a rare Sunday afternoon presser that he did from the white. House. and we have some audio digital media files from that APP. Plus we have we'll replay for you if you didn't catch. Amy Conybeare, it's full acceptance speech we haven't. Played this hour or next hour, but it's worth listening to because there's She obviously is a very keen observer. and. Like many of us may have witnessed these grueling an unprecedented in demonic previous Supreme Court nomination processes the Demon Krantz have put. Last couple of. The last. Brad Kavanagh certainly. Clarence Thomas and judge Robert. Bork another through and with uh with an I cashed firmly. On history when she accepted the president's nomination, gave that speech outside in the Rose Garden on Saturday? Sheet covered a lot of basis. Dot a Lotta is and crossed a lot of. And basically analogy and I know what you guys are GonNa do. I know you're going to come after me. So before it can be a big AHA. Then by the bye week covered the announcement right here on a crusade channel Saturday afternoon we were live. None of you were. Was the only one that was in the they chat room on on Saturday was hanging out with this me and Mr Barrot Mr Justin. We're here on Saturday for the very historical Cajun I think that one of the things that. Is Going on here. Is that the tar demonic left. Has Not figured out. How? And on what? They're going to assault. America's new Sweetheart Amy Coney Barrett. There is a string on twitter. Let's just talk about some of the the optics of this. which makes it difficult. You know when you got a guy like Brad Cabin on you you can You can get away with doing some of the things that they got the getting out now, not that they should have gotten away with it, but because it was a male. But when you have the The prospects of this woman in now here's what makes a difference. WHO started the twitter? Account or an account, the twitter thread with tweet your large Catholic family pictures because people lack camp pitchers. So somebody gets the I lived hard thing that that that they're going to ultimately go after our own and we've got a little bit of a preview of this. Is that she has seven children and that's like six too many. You're only supposed to have one and a couple of cats. Maybe two on the high side and a couple of cats. That's it. So the factors year seven children. Is. Something that does not square. With Malthusian Wacko reasoning and thinking well, they don't reason so. With a population control covid carrots.

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