Legendary pilot Chuck Yeager, first to break sound barrier, dies at 97


Just pilot chuck yeager passed away this week. At the age of ninety seven yeager made history as the first to fly faster than the speed of sound. Abc's maggie rulli has more on his life and his daredevil spirit. And i'll start at in the small town of elmira west virginia where he was born february thirteenth nineteen twenty-three yeager enlisted in the army air corps right after highschool in nineteen forty one instantly noticed for his ace flying skills. Yeager joined combat operations in world. War two returning stateside for years later after flying more than sixty area wartime missions and he's credited with downing five german planes in a single day. It was two years later in october. Nineteen forty seven that yeager launched into history becoming the first person to break the sound barrier flying seven hundred miles per hour in level flight on the bell x one rocket nicknamed the glamorous glenis after his wife the daring feat thrusting the test pilot into military superstardom feature prominently in the nineteen eighty. Three film. the right stuff three amazingly. He wasn't done replicating the feat again at age. Eighty nine to mark the sixty fifth anniversary of his historic flight. Cemented yeager in history is an american icon and one of the greatest military pilots of all

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