Justin Turner celebrates Dodgers' World Series-clinching win on field despite mid-game positive COVID-19 test

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Jeff Passan you are somewhere in Arlington Texas right now it is one thirty eight am eastern time. So where exactly are you and I guess what's the last hour of your life been like? I don't know where I am right now Jeff. Passan covers baseball for ESPN and has been unbanned from this podcast after planting the Randy Arosa Raina Song in all of our brains last week. I'm I'm living in I'm living in Corona virus hell right now because I- Pablo I've been covering baseball for seventeen years now I have seen the Boston Red Sox win their first world series eighty, six I've seen the Chicago cubs win their first world series in one, hundred, eight years and I'm not sure that I've seen anything is crazy as what happened after the Los Angeles dodgers won their first world series in thirty two years tonight I mean let's get right into this then because what was the weirdest baseball season ever has ended with the weirdest world series after ever say and there's a great game to dissect here but. It's really hard to bury the lead of Justin, Turner the dodgers star Third Baseman getting pulled some time after his third at bat in that game because he had apparently tested positive for covert, and then a bunch of other stuff happened Jeff and that's where you come in. So what the Hell happened I was scrambling as all of this was going on Pablo because Fox, right after the dodgers won the world series announce on their broadcast that Justin Turner had tested positive for Covid nineteen but we started this show is some breaking news after the completion the game tonight we are informed by Major League baseball that Justin Turner received a positive Cova test. That's why he was removed from the game. We have no other details at this time I get the word that, yes, he had tested positive and the way that the story was told to me was that Major League baseball does one corona virus tests per day four players who were in the bubble and for family members and everybody else. That test from Monday got SENT TO THEIR LAB IN UTAH. The tests were run and they came back late that and Turner's tests was the only one that was inconclusive and as the inconclusive result for Justin, Turner had come back right around that same time the tests from today that had been taken had arrived in Utah. Now, they were getting ready to spin the sample of Justin, Turner from Monday to to retest it and see if there were. Any different results, but they said, forget that test, the one that came in today the results came back in about two hours around the seventh inning at which point a positive had been confirmed and immediately Major League Baseball was informed of this called. The Los Angeles dodgers. It was fed into the dugout and Justin Turner was pulled from the game and told to isolate. Justin Turner. Did Not isolate and that's and that's that's the part Pablo that I think so many people are going to remember from this. The very odd seen on the field where Justin Turner at one point is taking a team picture with the Los Angeles dodgers and he's sitting next to Dave Roberts his manager who also was not wearing a mask can who is a cancer survivor? After he had tested positive for Covid nineteen I, think people out in the world saw that and said what in God's name is going on here. I was one of those people out in the world in my living room like so many others in their living rooms wondering wait a minute. This is a very sophisticated game with many protocols. How did Justin Turner get cleared to be out on the field doing all the things you just mentioned? Justin Turner. Did Not get cleared Justin Turner just wanted to go celebrate with his friends with his teammates with his wife who I saw a picture of him kissing on the field and with all of the people who he won this championship with I had a GM text me as this was going on. And he said, is there a super spreader event going on at the World Series Right now? And it's it's not an unreasonable question to ask now Justin Turner did say in a tweet that he's not feeling any symptoms that he's doing. Alright. So bats great to hear, but it's not like. This is the Los Angeles dodgers team Pablo that hasn't had issues with covid Nineteen

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