Nicole Melichar on making it in doubles


This is a special episode with Nicole. Melichar. I'm in a panic and I'll be your host in this interview as well. As Irina Falconi. Nicole has had an incredible summer this year after the reopening of the tour. She won the title and Strasburg reached the final in Cincinnati and the US Open and reach the semifinals of the French Open pushing her ranking to a career-high number eleven. She tells us all about her crazy 2020 season as well as talks about how she became a double specialist what her goals are for twenty Twenty-One and what it was like to partner with French Open Champion Eagles syantik Nicole has a lot of experience to share with us about being a doubles Superstar. She does want eight WTA titles is a two-time grand slam finalists and won the mixed doubles Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in 2018. Teen was Alexander peya. So without further Ado, let's get into our interview with Nicole. Melichar. Hey Nicole. Melichar. Thank you for joining us and let us. Com podcast. It's awesome to have you and I'm happy to hear be here. Thank you for having me. So we want to start off by asking you where in the world you are at this moment and what you've been up to. Well, I'm at home. I live in Bradenton Florida and it's currently not raining cuz I know it's raining where Irina is in Orlando. But yeah, I thought I finished my season. So French Open was my last tournament and I've taken it's been about ten or eleven days since honestly, I went to go visit family in the Czech Republic my grandparents some cousins. It was really nice. And then when I got back a few days ago, I've just been a relaxing and enjoying for the most part. I hit once I played some like family doubles my parents home. So a little hit and giggle and I might go ahead today just for fun as well. But yeah, just sort of been enjoying not having to train and just giving my body a little bit of a break. That's so good. You seem like a Perot now at the Cove in travel you've been to so many different tournaments since the reopening of the tour. But how has your 2020 been from the start? I mean you kicked off in January and then a shutdown happened long break walk us through what twenty-twenty has been like for you. Yeah. Well, I started the season in Australia. I did. Well there one song title of 2020 and Adelaide and then didn't do well in in Asia open unfortunately, but played Johan Dubai and then as that was going on like we started hearing about the virus during Ozzy and how it was spreading through China and it was like, okay there's something going on and then and then as we were in Dohan Dubai, we started hearing more about it how it's spreading to different countries and that's when the world started off, you know, you could hear them slowly start panicking and that Europe was going to go into lockdown, but then I honestly didn't think much of it. I never thought that A virus could really shut down the world. So flew home was a few days at home went to Indian Wells and then all of a sudden Indian Wells gets canceled and you're like what what just happened? But yeah went home and then once everything out canceled, I I never stop practicing. I was practicing every every probably two or three days a week just because if I'm stopped hitting I feel like I'm almost useless playing tennis. So I at least wanted to at least wanted to hit every few days just to like feel the ball and have some Rhythm but I did a

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