Protesters confront police over Washington DC moped death


Four police officers have minor injuries this morning after rocks and bricks were thrown at them while protesters tried to force their way into DCs Fourth District police station. The demonstrations began around 6 30 last evening Tuesday evening on Georgia Avenue near Peabody Street in northwest Lise had been guarding the outside of the station with shields. Keeping protesters out. NBC force Jackie Benson was on scene. Protesters used rocks to break the windows of two police cars at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Missouri. And it's a volatile situation here in Northwest they have brought in unit a civil disturbance unit. They call them. Most made on social media this morning, suggesting the protest is in response to the death recently of a moped rider who was pursued by police last week. One person has been arrested. No charges specify that here's the background on that death, D C. Officers say this morning they saw a 20 year old Koran Hilton. Writing an electric opener on the sidewalk near fifth and Kennedy Streets Northwest last week on Friday night at the time, they say he was not wearing a helmet, which is illegal in D. C. Least of Chase Hilton turned into an alley and then apparently crashed with a car at seventh and Kennedy later dying at a local hospital. DC Police are asking this morning. Anyone with more information to please give them a call.

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