I Just Can't Barrett - burst 6

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Offering in history, the Chinese Financial Tech Company is set to raise over thirty four point one billion dollars beating the Saudi Oil Company Aramco's record IPO of twenty nine point four, billion last year for those of us who've never. Heard of this company. Before today, they are the largest online payment platform in China with over seven hundred, million monthly users they're affiliated with ECOMMERCE, giant Alibaba, and they are present and almost every aspect of financial life from investment accounts to micro savings to dating. APP, somehow apparently, you can put your credit score on your dating profile, which is the kind of innovative thinking that makes me want to invest and also makes be questioned the audacity of who would do that. However, groups IPO will be posted on the Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchanges completely bypassing the American market. Some experts say this might be because of the growing scrutiny of Chinese companies in the US like we saw with Tiktok we chat

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