City, county of Los Angeles announce rapid coronavirus test study


A County has been reporting about 1000 New Coben 19 cases a day on average. Meanwhile, officials are considering a new rapid Corona virus testing program. They say it could be a cheaper and faster way to help fight the virus is case here. W's Daniel Cherry guajillo reports rather than waiting 48 hours. Test results could be available almost immediately. Imagine waiting just 15 minutes to get a positive or negative result from a cove in 19 tests, l a city and county officials said this week. They're exploring what's called engine testing. It's a nasal swab test the searches for indigenes or toxins in the body. It could cost as little as $5 a pop. A study of stone its first phase, and they're starting with L, a firefighters, hundreds of which were required to self administer each an urgent tests results confirmed Theus secondary tests, including an antibody and lab based test, If successful, the second phase would be rolling it out to schools with Children, teachers and staff taking part in the study. This pilot program is part of a research partnership between USC the L. A County Department of Public Health. In mere Air Corps city's office. According to Garcetti, the new rapid an urgent testing program could be the quote game changer We've been waiting for Its full rollout, however, will not be rapid. If all goes well, Garcetti says Energon testing could be widely available in Los Angeles at the start of 2021

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