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Home and he said honey I quit. I was working as an oilfield service person in California sole. Proprietor. Business. It was basically twenty four hours a day seven days a week on call stress was tents. Was Not what you would say a happy person to be around all the time because I felt so much pressure to continually provide for the business to provide for my new wife. House, everything else he was eating one to two packs relates day he brought his job home and it tends to our relations to help get his mind off his job George coached high school football being around the kids interacting with a may meet hungry or something else. He realized working with young people was alive. He wanted to live came home one day and. Said I just quit my job and we're selling the business and. I'm going back to school. I thought it was a joke and then I started realizing how serious he was and. Just. A whole gamut of meshes ever came I was I was angry. And I was. Sad And Scared He told me you can do this with me or without me but I'm doing it. Georgia's choice to go back to college and become a teacher meant that he in Chris would have to make sacrifices the of the hardest things that we had to give up the House that we'd moved into two months earlier. The car, the trips that we would go on, we have no social life. We were living a comfortable life and became poor students. When you make a decision to change your entire lifestyle, there is a little bit of a apprehension fear. For me. I tried every night for. Probably a month. I. Later. Trying THAAD quietly. I was crying. I had to be the cheerleader had to be strong for him a few years later, George completed his degree and began living the life of his dreams, sue. Every day when I go to work now it is. A new day, there's absolutely nothing going to be the same about the stay prepared to any other day. What I get classroom is an intrinsic war and that's a reward that you cannot I don't feel that you could always receive in the business world charges. MAZING. He has to give kids think education is Georgia. I think the largest way I've changed. The man today is the back that I. Say I'm honestly happy doing what I'm. Life Right now. is the ultimate. We have beautiful house. Now, we're back on her eight. I have happy husband the beautiful son. I really couldn't ask for much more. You can choose to chase money in your life where you can choose to chase your dreams going to education has been one of the most rewarding experiences. That is powerful. You can choose. Confused case your dreams. That is the the common theme that I'm seeing all these stories that you don't get your dream without some sacrifice. Do you feel that there was definite? There's a huge sacrifice to begin with But it's all come back to fold you feel that now too. Yeah. I would do it again. But I wouldn't want I wouldn't want to do it again. It was hardest hit you would do it again. If you knew you could be here. Yeah. Yeah. I mean this car is taking the first step out not knowing what the future holds and just being brave enough to to do that you can follow money or you can follow your dreams right? How many of you dreamed of running away living in an exotic place but think it could never happen too much holding you back like kids and builds job. Well, Diane and Allan Epstein had the courage to turn their favorite vacation spot into their permanent home and I do mean courage to. That's all you ever need is the courage to live the life of your dreams. I've had the dream to live in Rome for twenty years from the first time. I ever set foot in the city than I remember even from at first trip I was very sad to leave, and so finally I said to myself. Well, if I don't Wanna be sad anymore I'm going to have to go and live in Rome. It was nineteen eighty-one when writer and businessman Alan epsteins love affair with Rome began I love the beauty of Italy to live amongst this beauty and heritage of art of architecture makes my soul feel good because the. Years later, he met his wife Diane from beginning. One of the things that we share in common was our passion for Italy when we got married became Italy and he spent four months here, and during that time we wrote up exactly what we want in our lives back in California Alan and Diane built a successful matchmaking business. Our American life would be the envy of many people. We had a lovely house in Marin County. California we had a nanny because we had two small children and so at. A certain point we said we've got to start putting in some plans to get from here to there, and so they did they began researching schools for their children and devised a plan to start an international version of their matchmaking business. There are a million things that have to take place in your life for that to happen. But if you really do want to choose your life, if you really do want to make your life, your own creation than you have to face all those questions as we did. They left their California home hired somebody to take over their business and said goodbye to family and friends. Re came here with thirteen game suitcases. We packed up everything that we wanted to bring and we brought it on the airplane. We didn't send anything everything was with us. They moved to their new apartment in Rome. The transition was not easy. We had automobile accidents when I got here because the driving here is very, very different although their original business plan didn't work out Allen and Diana both created careers for themselves in Rome he as a writer and. Tour. Guide she as a counselor I was the kind of person who required to everything to be exactly as I had planned it to be but I think coming to Rome and learning different costumes learning different ways of being learning a whole new set of expectations has made me a much more tolerant, much more relaxed person because I don't have those expectations anymore I find that that my time is much more devoted to. With with family in the home in the mind as an anchor for life had I not fulfill this dream to come and live in Rome I think I would have been saddened depressed and unfulfilled person it has been five years and Allen's love affair with the eternal city is still going strong. There's more to working from home than emails. So you need Wifi with reliable speed, the most home coverage and built insecurity you need extended the X. by that's simple. Easy. Awesome. Go online call when it entered Xfinity or visit a store today to learn more restrictions apply. Wow. That's fantastic. You can. Read more about Alan Diane's Italian. Adventure and his new book call as the Romans do that's a great title. How did you you just adjusted to as the Romans do well, we tried to that was the whole idea from the beginning because we wanted to be in this place in in order to live successfully in Rome, you have to live as the Romans Romans. You Go mad and you'll have to come back because they're not changing for you. What's the biggest transition? The biggest transition I think is that the whole sense of time we're used to having things done very quickly as we want them convenience. Every. They're taking things very slowly and very casually what were you very fluent in Italian before were you me I just speak a word of Italian. I'm thinking it'd be difficult I studied I had studied quite a bit but the whole thing of fluency you don't get in until you get there and you learn the language that they speak rather than

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