The Gluten Connection to Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases


There's also ongoing research both here in the US and in other countries looking at the connection between Celia Disease and gluten sensitivity and osteoporosis, and there's ongoing research looking at the connection between Celia, disease and gluten sensitivity and other auto immune diseases. So if you have osteoporosis or if you have osteopor- Neha and you are listening to this show wondering, Gee, I wonder if a gluten free diet would help me. Let me share a couple of more outcomes with you that I found in the research. First of all osteoporosis, the research shows can be the result of untreated gluten sensitivity or of untreated CEAC disease, and this comes in large part from the fact that your small intestine especially with sealy disease becomes very damaged if you're not treating that CEAC Disease Bhai getting the gluten out and so then you're not absorbing important nutrients such as calcium and magnesium, and if we're not getting these minerals for our bones, they're going to become week over time. And because there are so many people with either osteoporosis or arthritis or other autoimmune diseases research from the Washington University School of Medicine in Saint. Louis Missouri. Recommends that everybody should be screened for. Disease Everybody and I am on board. With this. We know that almost one in one hundred people have Celia disease but the experts say that about eighty five percent of them are walking around undiagnosed. So I I have more. I could say on that but maybe I'll save it for after break you are listening to dishing up nutrition I to have a success story to share about a mother and daughter who took our last nutrition for weight loss live zoom series, the mother and daughter signed up together. But they participated in the classes from different locations each from the comfort of their own home what a fun way to meet up with your mom I love it or daughter. In the twelve weeks series, the daughter Lost Twenty eight pounds and body her mom lost twenty three pounds. Now, every morning they wake up smiling because they feel so good

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