The Gluten Connection to Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases


You've been putting off picking up the phone and That appointment October is the month to do it. Okay. So before break, we were talking about how if you have an autoimmune disease or especially for those with an autoimmune condition every time you eat gluten your immune system sends out white blood cells to search and destroy the foreign invaders which like in this case if you're eating gluten would be gluten. So some of you may be wondering, why are the thyroid glands so affected? Well we know that twenty million people have thyroid condition. It may be hyper thyroid Azzam, which is an overactive thyroid condition. or it could be HYPO THYROID ISM an underactive thyroid condition. The gluten protein looks just like the thyroid tissue. So the white blood cells mistakenly attack the thyroid tissue. If you haven't autoimmune thyroid conditions such as graves disease or she motos thyroiditis every time you gluten your immune system sends out antibodies or white blood cells to detect and destroy the gluten because the antibodies think gluten is an invader. The problem is the gluten protein looks very similar to your own thyroid tissue. So those antibodies end up attacking your thyroid gland. So, bottom line if you have an autoimmune thyroid disease, the antibodies that get released every time you eat gluten bind to the thyroid gland resulting in inflammation and thyroid dysfunction. Now, for some people, your first telltale symptoms will be a slow metabolism fatigue. It might be constipation if you're struggling with some of these symptoms and you are sitting there thinking right now. Gee, I wonder if those are because of a thyroid problem or because of something else I recommend that at your next Doctor Appointment, you ask for these tests to check your. Thyroid. First of all, you want to ask for a T. S. H. that stands for thyroid stimulating hormone, but you just need to ask for T. S. H. that's often one of the first tests the doctor will order and easy to get that tested. The other tests you might have to ask for a couple of times before the doctor agrees, but remember you are the customer you are paying the doctor. So pushed for what you need. So here are the other tests you want a free t four and a free t three. And then you also want to ask for your thyroid antibodies and says you and I were talking before the show today. A difference between total t four and free t four in total T. three and Free T. three. Yes and it gets confusing when you're in there because the thyroid is actually a very complicated. Oregon, Oregon to to work within to talk about the reason why we want to see Free T. three and Free T. Four is because the free versions of that hormone are not bound to anything. So they're available and in the bloodstream for you to use as they should be used, the t three especially is the one that makes you feel things. So that's the one that wraps up your metabolism and the one that makes you feel. Good and energetic and other things. So we really want to know which one is not all bound up. We want to know the free which ones available to us. So that's why we ask for the when we ideally when we're talking to clients, it's easier to use the Free T. three free t four it just tells us more. It tells us more remember that word free us, and then the Antibi- antibodies are so important.

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