Apple Releases macOS Mojave 10.14.5 Boot Camp Update

Mac OS Ken


Macrumors says Apple's most recent update for boot camp has let the beans out of the bag. Last week says the piece apple releasing update for boot camp its utility for running windows on a Mac. While this update would typically be unremarkable several macrumors. Readers noted that the release notes reference an unreleased twenty twenty model of the sixteen inch macbook pro. macrumors points out that. This could be a mistake applegate the sixteen inch, macbook pro, a high end graphics option earlier this year. But it's still calls that machine macbook Pro Twenty nineteen. So maybe apple accidentally calling that machine macbook pro twenty twenty or maybe. Apple has accidentally signaled a sixteen inch macbook pro on the way. The next obvious question. Will that machine be among the first powered by apple? Silicon. macrumors seems to think not. While, it does point to growing rumors of an apple silicon event in mid November. The peace has that transition is expected to start at the lower end for notebooks such as the macbook air thirteen, inch macbook pro, or possibly even the return of an ultra portable twelve inch macbook. If the rumors are true. We don't have long to wait the off groomer date the seventeenth of November. Is Three weeks from today?

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