Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Until December


Go, Breaking News Sarah Pump Twenty seventy seven has been delayed a little less than a month. They. tweeted this out just now. Hey everyone. Today, we've decided to release to release the cyberpunk seven by twenty one days the state December tenth. Most likely there are many emotions and question your heads. So first and foremost, please accept our humble apologies the biggest challenge for us right now, shipping of the game on current Gen Nexgen PC at the same time requires US prepare and test nine versions of it xbox one x compatibility series S X. ps four pro compatibility on ps five pc stadia working from home. Since Era Punk has twenty seventy seven has evolved towards almost being a next gen title somewhere along way, we need to make sure everything works well and every virgin run smoothly where we're aware it might be unrealistic. When someone says it twenty one days can make a difference sister massive and complex game, but they really do so have you might also be wanted what these words mean us say we achieve our goal Massar. Sometime ago paddock certification are going Goldman to gave his ready can be completed and has all the content in it. It doesn't mean we stop working on a raise. The quality are in raising the quality bar on the contrary. This is the time where many improvements are being made, which will then be distributed via day zero patch. This is the time period we under calculated. We feel that we have amazing game our hands and are willing to make every decision even the hardest ones for automatically. Leads to you getting a video game, you'll fall in love with some Adam Barsky and markets Wenski CD, project read. So yeah. Twenty one days. What do you think Fran bombed? This doesn't surprise me in the least and like I mean honestly I really don't think it's a big deal. I know a ton of people are growing as I say that like what like this is like how many delays like how it's like for some people? This is probably feeling unacceptable because they're so excited about the next Gen consoles it came right at a time. You can pick those up orgies period. You're kind of like we've been waiting for a really big game dropped for a while a lot of people right and so people were stoked but. This company is famous for being perfectionist you know, and that's what I hear when I read this, they're staring down the barrel of the new Gen consoles in particular, and probably which we always I feel like there's gay games, the optimizations, and this has been such labor of love and they're just like. Guys we have to smooth out some frame rate. We've gotta get these next Gen consoles closer to being more than just like a frame rate improvement versus because that's what you're dealing with to. Right. It's a PS four, xbox one version kinda slightly amped up and it sounds to me like they want to try a few more things. I think that's great. Especially, if you plan to play in those consoles, these twenty one days are going to make a huge difference view versus were going to talk about it later got a war as is going to work on PS five. Do you want cyberpunk like that where it's ps four game that works? A little better or do you want optimization? Yeah, I well, how do you feel? Personally I. It doesn't superman like we're we're both used to playing games or incomplete like that's just the reality of it so. I don't think this matter so much to me I am relieved that like Oh thank God that November like. Push because that is literally there's like. Five Games that we are we are going to talk about that we add. Is What he did. Selfish on that front there is I mean I'm going to be a half to I'm going to be playing destiny on November tenth. Somebody. Tim was asking me about cyberpunk and all that and I was like. Dude I'M GONNA. Check out but. What am I supposed to do? It would be like grinding for a rate so selfishly and like, yeah, let's go. Give me give me a month to catch up on a lot of stuff.

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