Tlingit Artefacts Decision, ACA Concerns, and Arizona Voters Mobilized


This is national native. News Antonio Gonzalez a collection of artifacts from the Clink Frog House clan can continue to be displayed in a Museum that's despite a legal challenge that reached Alaska's highest court as Clare Struggle with K. H. NS reports the State Supreme Court has apparently ended. A decades-old will dispute over control of the cultural treasures. When Frog House clan members disputed the sale of artifacts to a Canadian collector in the nineteen seventies an Alaska. Superior. Court judge ruled that they actually belonged to all members of clones frog. House. The court ordered them placed in the care of clan elders living in the clan's traditional lands on the Upper Lynn Canal. It added a condition, they could only be sold with the unanimous consent of all frog clan members until the safe place was found near cluck won the artifacts would sit in the state museum in Juneau. There they remained for decades. Until last year when the carvings considered masterpieces were returned to quad. But that didn't sit well with some descendants who filed a lawsuit last summer. They argued that by housing the artifacts in the tribes heritage. Center the court had given them to the whole tribe rather than the frog house. Petersburg attorney Fred Trim made case in September that the Jocic one heritage center and Clock One kept the artifacts out of the clans reach. The protests clan members of whom their one hundred and four cannot use the artifacts. Artifacts are locked up in a museum that's not under the control or even. Recently, accessible to the Prague House numbers that the State's Supreme Court justices were unmoved in decision released on October twenty. First, they wrote the lower court had been correct and only exceptional circumstances could overturn the ruling from nineteen seventy eight. The for house posts and a copy of a carped screen are displayed at the joke one heritage sun her and cluck one the center is closed for the season but group to are available by appointment. I'm Clare Trample new. Mexico US Senator Tom Udall spoke on the Senate floor. Monday calling for the protection of Healthcare for native Americans before the Senate confirmation of Judge Amy Conybeare it to the Supreme Court. You'll raise concerns about the future of the affordable care act due to upcoming challenges. Udal says a repeal would devastate Indian country. opened the doors for so many native Americans to access the care they need. Whether it's an unplanned medical emergency or routine wellness checkups and screenings. Access to quality healthcare critical for native communities face disproportionate impacts from the COVID nineteen pandemic. The federal government has a trust and treaty obligation to consult with tribes and to provide native Americans healthcare. The affordable care act permanently reauthorized the Indian Health Care Improvement Act to Ke legal authority for the Indian service and expansion of access to healthcare for native Americans. You'll was among a group of senators and opposition of Barrett's Supreme Court nomination. Racial Equity Groups are hosting a virtual event Tuesday night to mobilize voters in Arizona. A key battleground state the National Congress of American Indians is joining Hispanic Asian. American. Native Hawaiian, and other groups to host the event to discuss voting and a number of issues from Kobe nineteen to racial justice. The event will be streamed on facebook at together we vote a Z.

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