Clemson Tigers QB Trevor Lawrence hints at staying for senior season rather than opting for NFL draft



There is no doubt he's going first overall. There is increasing doubt as to whether or not he will actually leave college. And the reason that doubt has now become a storyline is because, well, he pretty much said it Here's Trevor Lords yesterday told reporters. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, we'll just have to see how things unfold. There's a lot of factors in that but honestly, just really playing this year. With everything I have into it, not really focusing on next year. Whether you know I leave or stay whatever obviously have the option to do either one kind of a months. It's been that I'm gonna move on. But who knows? There's a lot of things that could happen. So it's really focused on this year. Not trying to look ahead. Not trying to worry about the obvious. I can't control it and really just trusting that God has a plan for me, no matter where that is, no matter where I go, that's across the country. That's close to home where I stay another year, no matter what it is, you know, we'll work it out. So I'm not sure that's a that's a tough one. But we'll see how it all unfolds. S so for the most part benign generalities is how he addressed that now. In my opinion, there is no way forever horns going back to school next year. That is that is not happening. And here's the even if you think, and by the way, it wouldn't be ludicrous. For anybody to try to avoid that team because they are so utterly bereft of talent, but more importantly, so without vision and direction that you know you wouldn't really want to go there if you don't have to. So if you have a little leverage, and you can flex on that. Why wouldn't you try to do that? Eli did back in the day. Others have done it as well. John Elway. The the thing, though, and that's what Trevor Laurence has to know it. Of course he does. They are so bereft of talent that there's a chance that they had the first overall pick in 2021. They take you than anyway. So you mean 2022 party? 2022. Thank you. Trevor Laurence is coming out and he will be in the NFL next year. To me. This leverage movement comes with the The influence regarding the hiring of the head coach. Not whether or not he goes pro. He's going pro. Yeah, No, I think you're right. I think the question then becomes. How does he put himself in the best spot for success? Not you've gotta assume Because it's just it's just the nature of of football that if you're the number one pick at quarterback, it's different when it's like a lineman or a wide receiver, somebody another position. If you're the number one, pick it quarterback. That means that this something gone seriously wrong with that organization for a couple of years, right, So they've been bad for a little while. Look at the Jets look at the giant's look. Att. Arizona for a couple of seasons there, just like things have gone so wrong. You needed to reset with a guy you believes going to be your franchise. Baker Mayfield with E the Browns, etcetera. So s so while it's scary to think about it, this is from a Trevor. Laurence standpoint, man. I'm going to go to this Jets organization, and they're terrible. There's also The challenge and a kid who at 15 through 40 something touchdown passes in high school for the 43 touchdown passes when he was a sophomore in high school on Ben has done nothing but excel ever since is, you know, in high school and obviously in college, he's lost one game. Ah at Clemson. Now they have a ton of talent around him, but I think that there's a there's a mentality that it takes for a guy like that to be successful, and it comes with the challenges that he that he's faced. Now, is it? It's a significant one in the NFL, but I don't I don't even know if he's if he's so scared of it that he would shy away from the Jets. He might just say. You know what it's it's It is what it is in and I'm going to make them better because I think I know I have that talent and hopefully people want to come play with me. Yeah, that's how

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