More companies pledge to give workers time to vote


Are involved in this next organization. You know their names were talking about all birds. Amazon Lulu Lemon lift Major League baseball uber target. The list is kind of endless and they've got a common interest. It's about strengthening our democracy. And encouraging participation. Now there's 545 of these companies in total. They basically just want to encourage civic participation. Okay, get out involved. So we're going to talk to the executive director of the Civic Alliance. He's Stephen Levine. He's on the phone with us from Los Angeles is also the co founder of Meteorites, Social Impact investors. Steven. It's great to have you. I imagine you guys have been quite busy over the last few months. We definitely have Kaylie and thank you for having me on this evening. I appreciate it. A CZ you mentioned the Civic Alliance is a nonpartisan business coalition that is strengthening our democracy by supporting face healthy and accessible elections. And by really inspiring every American to participate in our democracy. And I'm really proud of the work that we've seen so many extraordinary cos. Lead this here many for the first time encouraging both their employees and their consumers. Tio specifically active and get out and vote. Can you give us some specifics on what you've done? What kind of what kind of efforts Absolutely. So we've helped many companies, many major employers think about what policies they could have to make sure that all of their employees not only feel supported but also encouraged to vote. We're very proud to share that companies like best buy and Tax office are actually closing their retail locations. Either early or opening them late on election day to make sure that all of their employees have time off to vote. Other companies are closing completely for the day like Fiat, Chrysler on Patagonia, which are literally shutting down all of their operations on election day to make sure that their employees have the time they need to vote. We're also helping companies think about how they can message and provide all of their employees and consumers with the latest information about the different ways that Americans can vote in this election cycle. 20 is definitely a unique election cycle because you can say that again. The challenges represents so so we're really we're really excited that that many companies are are helping to fill in the gaps and educate Americans about about how they can vote early this year. Interesting fact. 99% of Americans can cast their ballot before Election Day in 2020, and we're thrilled that more than 75 million Americans already have. It's pretty just 30 million more than 60 students. It's no forgive me. I'm interrupting you. It's staggering, though. When you kind of get your head around those numbers. It's also staggering that you know, we talked about a story last week. About a Silicon Valley tech CEO that emailed all 10 million of his customers urging a vote for Joe Biden specifically like it used to be go back a few years. It was a no no for CEO or an executive to get out there and talk politically. What's different. We have about a minute and they will come back and continue. Okay, Great. Well, what I would say. First of all, I want to reiterate that specific alliances a nonpartisan all right, No, I understand Organization, but I think it's pretty exciting is that I think companies have started to realize that that civic engagement, nonpartisan civic engagement actually isn't partisan or political. It's patriotic and its civic And I think what we've seen is that because employees are really pushing companies take stands on important social issues. Companies are in turn, turning back to their employees and their consumers and saying, You know what? We will take a stand and we're taking a stand to encourage you to vote and really helped shape our country's future in our communities future and so I think. Encouraging voting and civic engagement eyes really the both politically safest and a really powerful move that many, many companies they're coming? Yeah, I would say employees. Consumers also, you know,

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